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Thursday, April, 17 2014

While N.C. Reforms The Regulatory Burden, Federal Rules Soar

From the Wall Street Journal: Congress may be mired in gridlock, but the federal bureaucracy is busier than ever. In 2013 the Federal Register contained 3,659 “final” rules, which means they now must be obeyed, and 2,594 proposed rules on their way to becoming orders from political headquarters. The Federal Register finished 2013 at 79,311 […]

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“So while some people will end up with higher wages, others will end up with no wages at all.”

JLF’s Roy Cordato weighs in on the debate over hiking the minimum wage. Higher wages are the result of capital accumulation and economic growth, not the cause of it. To argue that new economic growth will be stimulated by a coerced increase in the minimum wage shows an unfortunate ignorance of this fact. It is […]

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Carrboro To Consider Penalizing Residents For Creating Garbage

Carrboro officials have decided that residents who throw things out are creating a problem for the town. So, they’ve decided to spend $30,000 to “study” the issue. For the liberals who run Carrboro, the solution to their perceived problem is — you guessed it — to consider imposing a penalty on people based on how […]

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Power First, Parents Second

North Carolina’s Big Education monopoly is used to having all the power and control over parents and taxpayers — and the system and its liberal allies are fighting hard to keep every ounce of it. They’ve even gone so far as to file a lawsuit to prevent low-income North Carolina families from accessing an opportunity […]

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“it’s about North Carolinians keeping more of their hard-earned money”

Carolina Journal’s Barry Smith reports here on Tuesday’s news conference about the impact of tax reform passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor. Gov. Pat McCrory used the deadline for filing income tax returns to tout the historic tax reform package that he signed into law last year. “Ultimately, it’s about […]

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In Defense of (Most) Photojournalism

Regardless of the recent examples of unethical photojournalism, most photographers have very high standards.

Will TTA Use Eminent Domain?

Many in the Triangle fear the TTA will resort to Kelo-style eminent domain condemnations.

The Joke's on U

In the new movie, "Accepted," a group of friends make up their own college after being rejected by real ones. The real joke is, the hoax college isn't any more outrageous than many real ones.

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City and County Issue Guide 2014

Policymakers in the many local governments of North Carolina face a host of important challenges. This issue guide offers solutions to problems that confront North Carolinians at municipal and county levels. The common thread in these recommendations is freedom. By increasing individual freedom, local governments can foster the prosperity of all North Carolinians and keep open avenues to innovative solutions from enterprising citizens.

Carolina Cronyism: Introduction, Overview, and Reforms

Cronyism is an umbrella term covering a host of government activities by which an industry or even a single firm or speculator is given favors and support that they could not attain in market competition. This report explains what opens government to cronyism, gives a brief rundown of recent examples of cronyism in North Carolina, and offers several possible reforms.

By the Numbers: What Government Costs in North Carolina Cities and Counties FY 2010

County and municipal governments provide many key services while taking in billions of dollars in revenue, but finding comparative data is hard. That's why this report provides information of how much local government costs in every city and county in North Carolina.

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