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Wednesday, March, 4 2015

One Hand Tied Behind His Back

Carolina Journal’s Barry Smith reports here on a North Carolina regulatory issue that makes the state the arbiter of what is “fair” competition.  Distilleries across North Carolina are hoping to follow in the footsteps of the state’s growing winery and craft beer industries, but the law places distilleries at a competitive disadvantage — and they’re […]

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Why Should a Doctor Need Government Permission To Compete?

Carolina Journal’s Dan Way reports on North Carolina’s anti-competitive “Certificate of Need” laws. North Carolina has fewer hospital beds and MRI scanners than other states, and restrains psychiatric services because of a regulatory process that protects legacy health care providers, says a new study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Virginia. According […]

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Leftist Screed On Wheels

More intolerance this weekend from a Leftist driving in front of me on a North Carolina highway. The vehicle –driven by a female — was plastered with no less than 10 bumper stickers, several of which were rude anti-religious messages. And there was the predictable support of abortion as well. But here are two of the […]

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Scott Maitland of Top Of The Hill Distillery To Discuss Unfair ABC Laws

North Carolina distilleries face serious competitive barriers and regulatory challenges, thanks to our ABC laws. Unlike craft breweries and wineries, which are allowed to sell their products to customers who tour their facilities, distillers are prevented from selling directly to customers. Scott Maitland is calling for reform. In this presentation, he will share his experience […]

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Heartbreaking: Liberals Pushing To Take Away This Child’s Opportunity

Delicia Hare is trying so hard to help her son, Christian. She applied for and received an Opportunity Scholarship so Christian can thrive in a school that meets his needs, which wasn’t the case in a traditional public school classroom. And now, North Carolina liberals and their powerful allies are using the courts to try […]

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Triangle's Greatest Hits

In Defense of (Most) Photojournalism

Regardless of the recent examples of unethical photojournalism, most photographers have very high standards.

Will TTA Use Eminent Domain?

Many in the Triangle fear the TTA will resort to Kelo-style eminent domain condemnations.

The Joke's on U

In the new movie, "Accepted," a group of friends make up their own college after being rejected by real ones. The real joke is, the hoax college isn't any more outrageous than many real ones.

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By The Numbers: What Government Costs in North Carolina Cities and Counties FY 2012

The economic recession that hit full force in 2008 was declared officially over in June 2009 when the country experienced two quarters of very slow growth. But a troubled housing sector and a still-sluggish economy with high unemployment have contributed to the fiscal crises facing many cities and counties in North Carolina. As always, this edition of By the Numbers is must reading for government officials and taxpayers alike. It highlights what kinds of fiscal problems face local governments in an economy that grows only very slowly. With the facts given here, county commissioners and city council members can easily compare their area’s tax burden to similarly situated cities or counties. For taxpayers, BTN is a starting point for questions about taxes and spending, enabling them to hold their elected and appointed officials accountable.

Agenda 2014: A Candidate's Guide to Key Issues in North Carolina Public Policy

Every two years since 1996, coinciding with North Carolina's races for the General Assembly, the John Locke Foundation has published a revised edition of Agenda, our public policy guide for candidates and voters. Typically as we enter the campaign season, candidates for public office in North Carolina are faced with a daunting task: to develop informed positions on dozens of public policy issues. In the pages of Agenda 2014 we provide a concise and easily digestible guide covering a wide range of specific issues, from taxes and spending to energy policy and education.

City and County Issue Guide 2014

Policymakers in the many local governments of North Carolina face a host of important challenges. This issue guide offers solutions to problems that confront North Carolinians at municipal and county levels. The common thread in these recommendations is freedom. By increasing individual freedom, local governments can foster the prosperity of all North Carolinians and keep open avenues to innovative solutions from enterprising citizens.

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