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Trinity Park’s shame

I remember the morning of the pots-and-pans protest at 610 Buchanan Blvd., and how ashamed I was that my neighbors would be so quick to judge a group of people who had not even been charged yet. I’m sure many of them, now that more information is out, wish they had not been so quick to join with the protesters, especially those who urged castration of the Duke lacrosse team members. In the months since then I had forgotten how truly reprehensible this protest was. Well, the LieStoppers blog has a great roundup of those sordid events. Some names are mentioned — for example, State Rep. Paul Leubke‘s son was a ringleader (scroll down); nice to know he was raised to appreciate due process — and some listserv demagoguery is preserved. Read it and hang your head.

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Will there be champagne?

Duke’s DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy is hosting a panel today to discuss the midterm elections. Panelists are Time magazine’s White House correspondent Mike Allen, ABC News Political Director Mark Halperin and CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider. Given the blatant liberal bias these journailsts have shown in their reporting there will probably be balloons and champagne at this event. If you want to join the festivities the event is at Sanford Institute’s Fleishman Commons, 201 Science Drive on Duke University’s campus at 1 p.m.

UPDATE: Apologies to anyone who may have gone over there for this event today. An emailer pointed out that it was Nov. 11, not today. Next time I won’t assume that a story on the current day’s News & Observer Durham New Web page is actually current news.

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News watch

The depleted Herald-Sun hasn’t had much to crow about lately, what with getting its brains beat out by the News & Observer and seeing it’s circulation fall like Katie Couric’s ratings. But it was the N&O that had to eat some crow today when they followed The Herald-Sun by three days on a Duke lacrosse story. The Herald-Sun reported on Saturday that the Duke rape accuser had passed out at a Hillsborough club and had to be dragged from the premises, possibly causing cuts and bruises that she later claimed were a result of an attack by lacrosse players. The N&O didn’t have the story until today.

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How dare they think for themselves!

An Army recruiting office will open this week in Chapel Hill and the UNC Students for a Democratic Society are planning a protest. Here’s how one protester put it in The Chapel Hill Herald:

“I don’t want youth from my community to fight this war that I think is immoral and unjust,” said Tamara Tal, a UNC graduate student who is helping to organize the protest.

God forbid that someone might make up their own mind about serving in the military. But then the “Democratic” in SDS was always a bit of a stretch.

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