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Free Speech is Great, As Long As Everyone Agrees With Her

The Daily Tar Heel reports that at yesterday’s forum on free speech, Haley Koch, the student who, along with others, disrupted Tom Tancredo’s speech at UNC earlier this year, defined the right to free speech this way (emphasis is mine)

YWC President Nikhil Patel and media lawyer Hugh Stevens joined Koch on Thursday in Carroll Hall to discuss whether she was exercising her First Amendment rights or infringing upon Tancredo’s. Tancredo cut his speech short after police used pepper spray to disperse protesters and a window was broken.

Koch said she and the other protesters were simply voicing their opinions and did not force Tancredo to cut short his speech.

When questioned by a panelist as to whether she believed certain voices should be stifled, Koch said that in some cases, they should.

“I don’t feel their voices contribute to a civil debate or an intellectual climate,” Koch said. “I hope that students will self-organize to decide what is acceptable on a campus community.”

I hope Chancellor Holden Thorp reads these comments and pauses to wonder how a UNC student could possibly believe that a fundamental constitutional right only applies to some people — those that agree with her of course. This mindset comes from a campus that supposedly champions the so-called marketplace of ideas.

It makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

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Quality, Not Quantity

Should North Carolina mandate that kids spend more time in school each day and year? John Locke Foundation education policy analyst Terry Stoops separates data from rhetoric in this column.

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Queering Elementary Education

Kevin Jennings, President Obama’s assistant deputy secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug FreeSchools at the U.S. Department of Education, has been in the news recently for his admitted failure to notify authorities of a case of man-boy statutory rape when he was a high school teacher some years ago.

At first that might seem just an oversight. But then we learn that he wrote the forward for a book titled Queering Elementary Education. And then we learn that he is a big fan of Harry Hay of the North American Association for Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). These are not coincidences.

Are the media going to ask Jennings just what it is that he envisions as a “safe” school. Does he have plans to “queer elementary education” in America? I have a feeling that when this information gets out widely Mr. Jennings will join Van Jones as one of the president’s fired radical activists sitting on the sidelines.

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Herald-Sun: Durham DA Wants SBI On Cop OT Scam

The latest on the Durham cop overtime scam comes from the Herald-Sun:

District Attorney Tracey Cline said Thursday that she’s calling in the State Bureau of Investigation to look into the Durham Police Department’s overtime scandal.

Cline said she’d asked her office manager to draft a letter to the SBI saying it’s “in the best interests of justice” for that agency to take the lead in doing any work that might result in a criminal prosecution.

This is a prudent step by Cline since cops and DAs routinely work together. Let the SBI determine if there’s criminality involved in what is clearly unethical activity.

By the way, there is still no answer to this key question: Why does City Manager Tom Bonfield say he still has faith in Chief Jose Lopez when the audit makes it clear that Lopez knew about the outrageous amount of overtime being paid to one cop?

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