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Wake Voters Reject School Board Status Quo

Wake County voters tonight rejected the status quo from the Wake County school board. JLF’s John Hood weighs in:

Critics of Wake County’s controversial forced-busing policies easily won three out of the four school board races in Tuesday’s balloting. In the fourth race, incumbent school-board member and busing proponent Horace Tart ran third behind critic John Tedesco (49 percent) and semi-critic Cathy Truitt (24 percent). At this writing, it’s not yet clear if there will be a runoff.

It was a clear defeat for the current board, the current administration of the school district, and much of the political establishment of Wake County. The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce sent an increasingly desperate series of emails to its members, not-so-subtly encouraging members to vote the other way. Other groups and associations did, too. While covering both sides in its news pages, the Raleigh News & Observer printed a series of editorials and columns pleading with readers to vote the other way. The day before the vote, an array of civic and business bigwigs held a press conference warning of dire consequences unless Wake residents voted the other way.

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Pro-neighborhood school voters speak loud and clear in Wake County

WRAL reports on a revolution in Wake County as voters finally get their chance to speak with authority against the Wake County Public School System’s annual disruptions of school assignments:

Raleigh, N.C. — Wake County voters gave a thumbs-down Tuesday to assigning local students based on socioeconomic factors by electing candidates to the Board of Education who oppose the controversial policy.

Chris Malone won the District 1 seat on the school board, while Deborah Pickett won in District 7 and Debra Goldman took District 9.

John Tedesco was leading in the District 2 race, with incumbent Horace Tart a distant third. But Tedesco lacked the majority of votes that would preclude a runoff next month.

All four candidates were endorsed by community groups like WakeCARES and the Wake Schools Community Alliance because they said they were willing to change the district’s student assignment policies. …

Together with school board member Ron Margiotta, the four new board members — if Tedesco wins in District 2 — would give diversity policy opponents a majority on the nine-person board. …

Shockingly, voters ignored that redoubtable bibliography, likely because they have a deeper understanding of the problem.

Also, expect the local Angry Left to spin these results as racist — which admittedly is not that much of a prediction given that accusing people who dissent from their policies of racism is the sole weapon in their arsenal these days.

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Here’s a first

A Congressman who doesn’t want publicity:

A spokesman for U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) says the senator’s office will no longer send media information to Quincy’s oldest radio station because the station decided to let the public know he was coming to town.

If I were an editor in Illinois I would make sure that Dick Durbin’s name never appeared in my newspaper, except in an obit.

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Election Coverage 7PM on WPTF

I’ll be anchoring, along with my husband Rick, WPTF’s election coverage tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. Joining us for analysis of the results — and taking your phone calls — will be outgoing Raleigh councilman Phil Isley and outgoing Wake County school board member Lori Millberg. You can listen to coverage at 680 AM on the dial, or online at www.wptf.com. Click on “Listen Live.”

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What’s the Problem With Saying Yes or No?

A huge piece of the economy will be impacted, as will every single American, by any health care reform legislation that is adopted by Congress. Yet, as of yesterday, we still don’t have a commitment that President Obama will actually read the bill before signing it into law. Thanks to John McCormack of The Weekly Standard for not letting this issue fade as White House spokesman Robert Gibbs tries to spin a very clear, simple question into something the president needs to think about.

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Tonight in Chapel Hill: Mayoral Candidate Debate

UNC’s Young Democrats and College Republicans are co-sponsoring a debate tonight between the four candidates for mayor of Chapel Hill. They are Augustus Cho, Matt Czajkowski, Mark Kleinschmidt and Kevin Wolff.

The mayoral election is Nov. 3. Here’s the Chapel Hill News’ latest report on fundraising in the race. You may recall that Chapel Hill is the guinea pig for taxpayer-funded local elections, which forces taxpayers to help elect the taxpayer-funded candidate, whether they support him or not.

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It’s Election Day in Wake and Durham Counties

JLF analysts have compiled two excellent informational checklists related to the roles and responsibilities of local elected officials. Terry Stoops’ education checklist outlines the legal responsibilities and power of school board members. Michael Sanera’s local government checklist outlines key areas of local government responsibility and involvement.

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