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It’s got to be better, it’s 400 pages longer

The Senate Finance Committee has produced a health care bill that’s 1,502 pages long. We know it’s got to be better than the House-authored HB 3200, which almost none of our members of Congress read, because it’s 400 pages longer. That shows our U.S. Senators are working hard for their tax-paid salaries.

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Truitt Concedes Wake School Board Race to Tedesco

Cathy Truitt has conceded the District 2 race to John Tedesco. It’s a clean sweep for the candidates who oppose Wake’s policy of busing to “balance” the economic diversity of the schools. John Hood nails it with today’s column on the warnings of dire consequences should the new board overturn the policy and become another Charlotte.

Why should parents be fearful that Wake’s schools will come to perform like Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s? That would be an improvement! While average test scores are, indeed, higher in Wake than in CMS, that’s entirely explained by differences in county population. Charlotte has far larger populations of disadvantaged students. When you disaggregate the data, the relevant comparison presents itself easily.

Disadvantaged students were supposed to be the prime beneficiaries of Wake’s student-assignment policies. But in 2008-09, 47 percent of disadvantaged third-through-eighth grraders in CMS scored at or above proficient on state reading and math tests (which are actually too easy to pass, but that’s a story for another day). In Wake, the relevant statistic was 44 percent. CMS also outperformed Wake among black kids (48 percent to 45 percent) and scored about the same among white kids (86.8 percent and 86.4 percent, respectively).

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Two examples of why we’re in real trouble

Phyllis Chessler gives two harrowing, real-world examples of political correctness run amok, which is the only place political correctness can run, when you think about it.

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Fundraising Trail: Burr Raises Nearly $1.2 Million in 3Q

Roll Call has charted FEC data on third quarter fundraising for closely watched Senate races, including Richard Burr. The paper’s chart includes the following numbers for North Carolina.

The first number is amount raised. The middle number is amount spent. The last number is cash on hand.

Bob Etheridge (D) 154,000 43,000 1,006,000
Kenneth Lewis (D) 158,000 74,000 184,000
Elaine Marshall (D) 178,000 14,000 164,000
Richard Burr (R) 1,177,000 223,000 3,461,000

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Truitt to Bow Out of Wake School Board Runoff?

A news report says Cathy Truitt will announce this morning that she is bowing out of the runoff for the District 2 seat on the Wake school board. If accurate, this means John Tedesco will take the seat, giving the reform candidates a victory in all four contested races. Change is coming, Wake County.

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Nice Guy, But Wrong on Policy

Democrats have chosen Chris Heagarty to take former Rep. Ty Harrell’s Wake County legislative seat (District 41). I’ve interviewed Chris several times over the past few years. He’s a very nice and sincere person. But when it comes to policy, Chris and I part company. He’s an ardent supporter of taxpayer funded election campaigns and, when he was director of the N.C. Center for Voter Education, helped push legislation that brought us publicly funded judicial campaigns. This is the process that forces voters to help fund the campaigns of candidates with whom they disagree. No matter one’s political views, that is an affront to the freedom to choose representatives who reflect your beliefs. What’s more, in light of the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Davis v. Federal Election Commission, North Carolina’s law should be repealed, explains JLF’s legal and regulatory analyst, Daren Bakst.

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