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Kill the deer to save the planet

If goldfish have the eco-finprint of two cell phones, what kind of carbon footprint must a deer have? Those who are agonizing over the thinning of deer herds in Durham’s Duke Forest might take some solace in the fact that the more deer we kill, the smaller will be their carbon footprint.

After all, if a large dog has the carbon footprint of an SUV, and a cat’s carbon footprint equals a VW, what must be the footprint of the hundreds of bounding, mooching, flatulating deer in Duke Park? After all, they are, like cattle, ruminants. And we all know from our eco-bibles that cows are going to be the death of Mother Earth due to their flatulating and their burping, so a deer has to be producing harmful carbon-filled gases too, right?

So, let the bow hunters, the black powder hunters and any other kind of hunters help thin the herd. Our planet will thank them.

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Hagan spurns moderate Dems in health care vote

N.C. Sen. Kay Hagan spurned the 11 moderate Democrats and one independent who refused to vote cloture on Harry Reid’s health care dodge yesterday. Instead, she voted for the 46 other Democrats who ended up on the losing side.

So, while all 47 who voted cloture were Democrats, the winning side included all Republicans plus the 11 Democrats and the one independent. That sounds a bit like bipartisanship to me. Let’s see how the media spin this one. Even The New York Times couldn’t ignore the obvious.

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It’s Not Just Charlotte

Why not get ahead of the curve in using the power of government to dictate personal behavior and ban smoking on a city sidewalk? That’s what Charlotte is considering.

Central Piedmont Community College campuses are going tobacco-free next year, and the school asked the city of Charlotte to ban smoking on Elizabeth Avenue from Kings Drive to Charlottetown Avenue, where it bisects its central campus.

If the City Council approves the ban, Charlotte would be among the first cities in the country to ban smoking on a city sidewalk or street

Charlotte isn’t the only municipality looking at using government power to control the use of a legal product. In the Orange County town of Hillsborough, commissioners recently considered banning chew tobacco from city-owned parks. They backed off when it came time to vote, but don’t kid yourself. More government bans are coming. From my Carolina Journal story about Hillsborough:

On Jan. 2, North Carolina’s newest tobacco law will ban smoking in restaurants and bars. Constandy said the law also expands local governments’ authority, giving them power to regulate tobacco use on all municipal exterior grounds, whether they own and operate the property, or own it and lease or rent it to someone else.

As of mid-August, no municipalities had contacted Constandy with questions specifically about smokeless tobacco, but she regularly receives inquiries from local governments about the scope of their overall authority.

Both stories lead to the same question: If smoking is so terrible that it is being banned, why is the product legal? Oh yeah, there’s the problem of all that tax revenue that elected officials will never be willing to give up.

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Now Really, Did We Need a Study to Tell Us This?

A new study has concluded that stress and depression go along with being the wife of an active-duty soldier. Gee, ya think? I’d be willing to bet the wives also feel proud of their husbands. Study to come?

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