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4:45: Board of Elections Hearing Adjourns For the Day

Carolina Journal’s David Bass has been summarizing the day’s testimony here.

The board hearing resumes tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

You’ll find Carolina Journal’s ongoing investigative reporting on the Easley story here.

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4:30: Lanny Wilson Excused; Nick Garrett is Sworn In

Who is Nick Garrett? Key players in the Easley hearing are outlined here.

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CJ’s David Bass Has Update on Ruffin Poole Subpoena

Board chairman has announced a Superior Court ruling related to the subpoena for Ruffin Poole.

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3:45 Grace Ramsey Excused; Lanny Wilson is Sworn In

Lanny Wilson is on this list of key players in the hearing.

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3:30: Rebecca McGhee Excused; Grace Ramsey Being Questioned

Grace Ramsey is now being questioned. A list of key players is here.

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3:15: Hearing Resumes; Rebecca McGhee is Being Questioned

The Easley hearing is back in session. Who is Rebecca McGhee? Carolina Journal reports on the key players here.

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1:45: Hearing Back in Session; Auto Dealer Bob Bleecker Sworn In

Auto dealer Bob Bleecker has been sworn in at the Easley hearing. Exactly who is he? Carolina Journal reports here.

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So Who Got the $5,400 Insurance Reimbursement?

It’s a real stay-tuned moment in the Easley hearings. Who got the $5,400? From the News & Observer:

Campbell then testified that Easley received $5,400 from his insurance company
to cover the costs of those repairs. The insurance money didn’t go to
Campbell, and it is unclear who kept the money.

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1:30: McQueen Campbell Excused; 5-Minute Recess

Carolina Journal’s David Bass reports on McQueen Campbell’s testimony before the state elections board. Topics include Campbell’s comments that repairs were made to Easley’s home and paid for by the campaign, and the issue of former First Lady Mary Easley’s job at NC State.

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