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Americans Get It

A lot of Americans really do get it. They understand that the disastrous spending habits of the federal government must come to an end, even if it involves pain. From Rasmussen comes what should be bad news for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, although these days, congressional Democrats have no problem thwarting the will of the majority.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows just 27% of voters nationwide believe the federal government should provide bailout funding for California. Fifty-five percent (55%) think the federal government should let the state go bankrupt instead. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure.

No matter how you frame the choice for voters, bailing out California is unpopular.

Schwarzenegger himself has said that California may seek $8 billion in federal funding assistance. When we ask about that request without mentioning the trade-off of filing bankruptcy, only 16% of voters nationally favor the bailout. Sixty-eight percent (68%) oppose an $8-billion bailout for California, with another 16% undecided.

Without the federal bailout, Schwarzenegger has said California will have to cut back the state’s main welfare program and reduce health care services for the disabled and elderly. He also says a 14% cut in pay for state workers may be necessary.

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Government Subsidized Diapers?

WCHL is reporting on efforts by the Bill Thorpe Golf Classic to supply free diapers to single moms. I’m all for private organizations using private funds to help whomever they want in whatever way they want. But toward the end of the story, there is this:

While the group accepts donations of money or diapers from private citizens, Thorpe is excited about getting local governments involved, where several policy-makers are mothers themselves.

The above paragraph links to brief comments by Mr. Thorpe. I encourage you to listen to it. He mentions Rep. Verla Insko, Sen. Ellie Kinnaird, and Orange County Commission Chairwoman Valerie Foushee. If he is simply looking for the personal support of these elected officials, no problem. But if Mr. Thorpe seeks taxpayer support for his free diaper program, that is clearly a step too far for government.

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Newt Gingrich in Triangle Jan. 13

He is one of the brightest and most provocative thinkers of the last 20 years. So what does Newt Gingrich see for the future of this country? He’ll discuss it in his keynote speech on Jan. 13 in Cary as part of the John Locke Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebration. Details and registration information here.

By the way, Gingrich weighs in on political correctness and the attemtped terrorist attack aboard Northwest #253 here.

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