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Best laugh I’ve had all day

14 terrorist blow themselves up by mistake.

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Univ. of No Candor president Bowles prepared to name his very frightened choice for NC State chancellor

You, the people of North Carolina who are forced to fund this system and that university, just shut your traps and take who we give you. We are the most secretive public university system in the nation. We will tell you when we have made our choice, and only then will we tell you who he is (just like last time — boy, was that guy a disaster). Our choice is scared out of his wits of public scrutiny, the poor dear (just like last time). We will shower him with accolades and tell you how he is really the best choice we could ever hope to make (just like last time). We will express pleasant surprise over how great this person is (just like last time).

In short, we will do everything we possibly can to assure you that this person is up to the task of leading a major public research university — do everything, that is, other than letting you, the public, the alumni, the bloggers, the media, etc., etc., know who we are considering and letting them field your questions. Then we will tell you to trust us (just like last time). After all, leaders of major public universities have very little to do with the public, the alumni, the bloggers, the media, etc., etc.

Yes, we, the publicly funded University of No Candor system, are doing exactly what we did last time, and we are confident in the belief that we can expect different results this time, and that we can inspire your confidence in us merely by saying and doing exactly what we did last time. That’s because we are in agreement that we are Unquestionably Smart People, whereas you are fit only to fund us (and even that must be done only involuntarily).

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Procrustes hard at work concerning the Wake County school board

He’s made their bed, and he has predetermined they are resegregationists. Facts don’t matter to Procrustes; ignoring or stretching is what he does. Inconvenient facts — such as neighborhood schools being an issue supported across race and class “divisions,” the high-handed antics of the previous majority having infuriated Wake County families, and so forth — are what Procrustes just chops right off and pretends never existed. Things absolutely must fit his little boxspring.

So whatever they do, however far removed it would be from the made-up resegregation scare, this new school board majority must be portrayed as hardcore racists pining for the days of segregated schools and working to re-engineer them for the 21st century. The Procrustean mindset of today’s one-note angry left would have it no other way, no matter how much they have to stretch and chop to make it appear so.

Today, for example, their reaction to the school board vote to get rid of mandatory year-round schools is that it’s part of a “grand, orchestrated plan to take Wake County back 50 years.”

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Another Brick in the Wall For Harry Reid’s Campaign

Sometimes I wonder if these folks cringe when they look in the mirror.

From The Hill:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) office said he welcomed C-SPAN’s calls for televised healthcare negotiations, but wouldn’t assent to the network’s request.

Bottom line? Sen. Reid is for being re-elected, but against you and me knowing what he’s doing behind closed doors.

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All That Matters to Her is Power

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this about the health care bill reconciliation process:

“There has never been a more open process for any legislation,” Pelosi said at a press conference.

Her shameful statement is followed by the news that, in fact, the final bill will be put together in secret, out of the eyes of the American public. From politico.com (emphasis is mine)

The decision means that the White House, Senate Majority Harry Reid, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will attempt to reach an agreement through private negotiations with key lawmakers. Once a deal is struck, the bill will go back to the House for passage, then to the Senate and onto to the president’s desk – a legislative path that has been described as “ping pong.”

The decision to bypass the conference committee, which the aides said came during an Oval Office meeting Tuesday, formalized what many Democrats had long known: If they have any hope of passing the health care bill quickly, they would need to circumvent the normal order of business.

Is it any wonder that well known, once powerful Democrats are running for the hills?

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New Wake School Board Majority Delivers on Campaign Promise

Mandatory year-round school assignments are history in Wake County. The News & Observer reports on last night’s board meeting:

By a 5-4 vote, the ruling coalition approved a resolution that they added at the last minute to the meeting agenda. The measure says mandatory year-round assignments will end beginning with the 2010-11 school year. The resolution also ends the use of economic diversity in determining which students get priority for voluntary acceptance into year-round schools.

“This is what people are asking for,” said Chris Malone, one of four Republican-backed newcomers who swept into office last fall and altered the board’s balance of power. “This is why we were all elected the way we were.”

At the core of this decision is support for parental choice. Putting parents in charge of deciding what works best for their child and family is common sense. It’s a much needed step in the right direction for a system that works for some families but not for others.

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