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Coakley putting crowd to sleep

Martha Coakley is putting everyone to sleep right now in her make-or-break speech with Obama in attendance. She can’t make eye contact because she’s having to read from her notes. She has no sense of timing, is delivering her comments in a monotone. Sarah Palin would be knocking it out of the park, and she wouldn’t be reading from notes.

Even with the Anointed One in the hall, they couldn’t fill it. Compare that to Scott Brown’s SRO rally today.

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This is why Bush should have told Obama to get stuffed

George W. Bush magnanimously agreed to join Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in appeals for Haiti, and look what he gets for his trouble. Obama goes to church today in Washington and amens as the pastor bashes Bush, and then Obama gets into the pulpit and blames Bush for all his troubles.

This was entirely predictable. You’d think Bush would have learned, having been burned by Ted Kennedy so many times. Next time, George, tell Obama to take a flying leap. These people have no social graces.

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Obama excited about fight against the American people

The Associated Press writes that President Obama has finally gotten into high gear in fighting for his health care takeover plan. Just the other day he let the testosterone fly, talking about how he feels this issue is worth fighting for.

Problem is, with polls showing that the American people are against his plan, his fight is against the American people, not an “special interests.” It’s that, I submit, that finally has excited him on this issue.

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Where are all the Muslim charities?

Muslim charities make the news a lot, mainly when they give money to budding terrorists. But where are they when charitable contributions are needed to save lives? Like in Haiti?

Evil Christian charities and the imperialistic American military are all over Haiti, but an Islamic charitable presence is nowhere to be seen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they swoop in soon to try to take advantage of this crisis to recruit jihadists, though.

UPDATE: Even atheists are helping more than Muslims.

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