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Will “Climategate” come up at this meeting?

In March a symposium on “Climate Change and Energy Imperatives for Future Naval Forces” will be held in Maryland. Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, the symposium will delve into the effects of climate change and global warming on the defense of the nation. specifically as it relates to the U.S. Navy.

Considering all that’s come to light in the past few months about cooked books, fudged numbers, hidden declines and academic fraud in the global warming industry, will that subject ever come up in March in Laurel, Md., site of the symposium? Will it change the agenda at all? Will it shorten the conference?

I can’t wait to see.

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Pat Caddell tells an inconvenient truth

Pat Caddell, the Democratic pollster who became famous by getting Jimmy Carter elected, says environmentalists don’t care about the environment, they just want to deconstruct capitalism:

Watch the whole thing. Former lefty radical David Horowitz is also on the panel. By the way, a left-wing Democrat he was polling for in Colorado fired Caddell after he saw this video.

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The internet never blinks

Lefty movie reviewer Roger Ebert has used the term tea-baggers to refer to the Tea Party protesters in several tweets on his Twitter account recently. Having caught flak about that, he recently tweeted:

I’m reminded the term Teabaggers is pornographic. Didn’t know that until the MSM told me.

But Retracto the Correction Alpaca over at BigHollywood.com has caught the porcine reviewer in a lie. Retracto links to a review of John Waters’ “Pecker” that Ebert wrote in 1998:

His sister Tina (Martha Plimpton) is the emcee in a male go-go bar, issuing dire warnings against such misbehavior as “tea-bagging.”

Big Hollywood also notes that Ebert reviewed, and presumably watched, the 2008 movie “Step Brothers,” which has a refernce to tea-bagging, so the phrase and the concept could not have been unknown to Ebert.

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Why did NYT hold the Mullah Baladar capture story?

Because a Democrat is in the White House, would be my guess. NY Times Editor Bill Keller pretty much confirms it, saying that Democrats are nicer to the Times than Republicans (emphasis added):

Back in 2006 the conversations were professional and civil, but in the end when we didn’t agree to hold the story as they wanted us to, it was a kind of firestorm of criticism from the White House aimed at the Times. So far anyway we haven’t had that acrimony with this administration, nor as far as I know have other news organizations.

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Why you need blogs to supplement the mainstream media

Check out this story. It’s about a school superintendent in Rhode Island who fired all of a high school’s teachers en masse because the teacher union refused to work 25 minutes more per day to help improve a failing school.

The story quotes students and parents who say they love their teachers, and several attest to their dedication to students. Apparently that dedication doesn’t extend an additional 25 minutes. The story is heavily weighted toward the teachers, with parents saying it’s students’ fault, not teachers, that the school is failing. The superintendent has no support in the story other than her own.

In the blog world, however, several key pieces of information are added to the story. For instance, the fact that the teachers average salary is between $70,000 and $78,000 in a community where the median income is $22,000, that Rhode Island has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and that public sentiment seems to be on the side of the superintendent.

The lesson here: Read your local MSM news sources but augment them with others to get a full picture.

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Lunatic fringe?

A CBS/New York Times poll shows that only 6 percent polled think President Obama’s “stimulus” has actually saved any jobs. Ironically, that 6 percent includes The New York Times‘ own editorial writers.

UPDATE: Maybe the NYT edit board should take a look at this.

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Are Orange County Commissioners Ready to Face Reality?

From the Daily Tar Heel comes this story about Orange County’s budget discussions. County Manager Frank Clifton says projected expenses for 2010/2011 are nearly $5.7 milion more than projected revenue.

Clifton said the easiest option commissioners have is to reduce the number of authorized positions in the county. Due to last year’s hiring freeze, 140 of the 915 county jobs are now open and could be eliminated.

The board could also consider increasing property and sales taxes.

But with a property tax rate of 0.858 that accounts for 74 percent of county revenue, Orange County already has the sixth highest rate in the state.

The potential quarter-cent sales tax increase would require a citizen referendum vote. If passed, the increase wouldn’t take effect for three months, a reason Clifton said the measure would be more beneficial next year.

Commissioner Barry Jacobs said he didn’t think either option will happen.

“Almost all of the departments will face cuts, except public safety,” he said.

Now we wait and see at what point the commissioners start saying it’s time for more tax hikes.

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The Plot Thickens at NC Central

The UNC System has taken note of the possible theft of $200,000 at NC Central. The News & Observer disclosed it last week. I blogged about the story here. Today, the Herald-Sun reports that a senior UNC System auditing official is now involved in reviewing the draft report to ensure that the final report is accurate. Smart move. If there are any false accusations in the draft audit, as NC Central Chancellor Helms seems to think, then clear those folks and move on to finding out what happened to $200,000 in public money and who is responsible.

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