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Karl Rove to Speak Sept. 20 at UNC-Chapel Hill

According to this Daily Tar Heel letter to the editor from Anthony Dent of the UNC College Republicans, Karl Rove will speak at UNC Chapel Hill Sept. 20. Speech title: America’s Challenges.

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PPP: Dems Should Keep Obama, Perdue & Hagan Off Campaign Trail

Tom Jensen of the Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling is advising Democrats to heed the poor approval numbers in this state for President Obama, Gov. Perdue, and Sen. Hagan.

First this:

Barack Obama, Bev Perdue, and Kay Hagan are each at 50% disapproval or higher with likely voters for the election in North Carolina this fall. Obama’s approval spread is 43/54, Perdue’s is 30/52, and Hagan’s is 35/50.

Then this (emphasis is mine):

Democrats would probably be well advised to keep these folks off the campaign trail in the state this fall, as each of them is much more of a turnoff to Republicans than a positive with Democrats. 89% of Republicans disapprove of Obama to 78% of Democrats approving, for Perdue those numbers are 74% and 51%, and for Hagan those numbers are 79% and 62%.

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But Are They Fiscal Conservatives?

UVA’s Larry Sabato is predicting the GOP will probably take the U.S. House and come very close to taking the U.S. Senate.

The issue, however, is whether those elected in November will be sound fiscal stewards committed to taking the steps necessary to turn this country around. They must stop the astronomical spending and expansion of government that has crippled the recovery and forced business owners and entrepreneurs to tread water as they wait for what comes next from D.C. Let’s hope November’s winners, regardless of political party, take Steve Forbes’ advice to heart. More than 440,000 North Carolinians are out of work and in desperate need of sound economic policy.

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High-Speed Rail: Who Really Benefits?

The debate over “high-speed” rail has come to Raleigh as neighborhoods are now fighting to keep the proposed train route away from their homes. In this piece, JLF’s Michael Sanera responds to the debate and refutes the often-repeated myths about the train — including that it will be “high-speed.” Sanera concludes with this discussion of an underlying goal of the plan and the impact on average Americans:

Besides transportation, the federal government has other objectives for this rail line. Federal Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has proclaimed that his transit regulations will include an effort to “coerce people out of their cars.” Thus, state and local governments will likely be forced, via federal regulations, to diminish further the property rights of landowners near the rail line.

With all of these negatives, who does support the system? Who benefits from it? Average taxpayers who will be paying the multibillion-dollar bills certainly are not benefiting. Since the rail lines are designed to connect center cities, the beneficiaries are wealthy business and government elites — lawyers, bankers, and bureaucrats — who live or work downtown. They see an advantage to traveling center city to center city, rather than using faster air travel and then renting a car to drive to meetings downtown. And they are not shy about sticking us with the bill for personal convenience.

Add “moderate-speed” rail to the already very long list of “Robin Hood in reverse” policies coming out of Washington and Raleigh.

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