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Morgan Freeman says, “It wasn’t me”

I posted yesterday regarding the latest B.J. Lawson ad featuring a narrator who sounded exactly like the actor Morgan Freeman (see the ad below). I and others were surprised Freeman would do an ad for a Republican, much less one associated with Tea Party activists, but Lawson had said on his Facebook page that the narrator of the ad was, indeed, Freeman.

But today, Freeman said he wasn’t the narrator;

Freeman said in a statement through his publicist Monday that he never recorded any ads for North Carolina candidate B.J. Lawson and that he does not support Lawson’s candidacy. Lawson is trying to unseat Democratic Rep. David Price.

Lawson campaign manager Martin Avila said today the campaign had a contract for a Freeman ad with a Los Angeles agency and they thought it was him.

“The Lawson campaign was shocked about what has happened and operated under the pretense that the ad was legitimate. Until today, we had no reason to believe the ad was not narrated by Morgan Freeman,” Avila said.

I suppose what happened here will get explained at some point. It doesn’t make sense for the Lawson people to lie about this, and it doesn’t make sense that they, just out of the blue, decided that Freeman was the narrator. And how likely is it that an ad agency picked a random narrator who sounds exactly like Morgan Freeman?

Strange doings. Here’s the ad:

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Advocates for the Poor Rally to Raise Cost of Living for the Poor

Evidently an Orange County group that is supposed to help the poor hasn’t yet realized that anyone who buys something — that includes the poor — will be hit by a hike in the sales tax, if the referendum is passed by Orange voters. And somehow, the Justice United folks who marched in support of the tax hike think a hike will result in lower sewer rates for Efland. Uhh, maybe, if, if, if, if… (emphasis is mine)

Some Justice United marchers said the sewage rates for the Efland community could climb to an average of $121 per month due to the economy and the cost of sewage treatment.

“If rates continue to rise, my water bill is going to be as much as my mortgage,” said Sharon Sinclair, a speaker at the march and an Efland community leader.

Orange County Commissioner Bernadette Pelissier said none of the money from the tax, if passed, would directly go to the sewer system in Efland.

She said if the sales tax is passed, the Board of Orange County Commissioners might install a commercial sewage system along the Interstates 40 and 85 corridor, which would connect businesses as well as the Efland community to Mebane’s sewer system.

This means the Efland community would pay Mebane rates and not be subjected to the current increasing rates.

For more information on the proposed tax hike:

Orange County’s tax hike website

John Locke Foundation analysis of the proposed hike

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Gallup Predicts Turnout Makeup: 35% GOP, 32% Dems, 32% Indies

Policies DO matter and their implementation leads to reaction, up or down, at the ballot box. Among the many fascinating statistics in this piece about Gallup’s final pre-election poll is Gallup’s prediction on the party makeup of the group of voters in this cycle. Most polls show the Indies breaking for the GOP by roughly a 2 to 1 margin this time: the reverse of 2008.

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