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Nanny staters know better, so just shut up

Somewhere in the last few years the notion that the public’s views should be heeded became passé. Maybe it’s the technocratic nature of bureaucrats these days, you know, those people with their master’s degrees in public administration, who, like the “progressive movement” that spawned them, feel the public, collectively, are idiots.

Maybe it’s just the instinct of losers to lord power over everyone when they get a little of it. Martinets are made, not born. Maybe they weren’t popular in high school. Maybe their potty training went awry. Regardless of why, there seem to be a lot of incipient totalitarians in government jobs these days. Like Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole:

Despite ongoing criticism from some Washington lawmakers and many travelers, Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole refused Wednesday to back off the agency’s position that tougher airport screening techniques are needed to counter evolving threats.

“I’m not going to change those policies,” he declared to lawmakers.

This is the response of a tin-eared bureaucrat who has never had to worry about public opinion. I think he’ll regret the position he took yesterday.

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Imagine how bad it will be when they’re unionized

This story shows the professionalism of TSA agents. Yes, the ones that Big Sis Napolitano supports without question and who the Federal Labor Relations Authority says should be able to unionize:

A TSA worker in Miami was arrested when he “lost his mind” and attacked a colleague who repeatedly made fun of his small penis after the security screener walked through a high-tech scanner that showed his genitalia, according to Miami-Dade police. …

Negrin had been embarrassed and enraged by constant ribbing from his colleagues after a training session with a “Whole Body Imaging” machine, according to the police affidavit.

“The X-ray revealed [Negrin] has a small penis and co-workers made fun of him on a daily basis,” according to the report.

Imagine how bad it will be when we can’t fire the idiots in the TSA’s ranks.

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Is Heath Shuler a secret flower child?

It sounds like North Carolina Blue Dog Democrat Heath Shuler’s kids were named by Barbara Seagull (nee Hershey) or Frank Zappa, not a “conservative” Democrat from the N.C. mountains:

My son, Navy, is 9, so he doesn’t think I can win, because he’s heard me having these conversations,” the two-term conservative Democrat from North Carolina told me Tuesday afternoon, on the eve of Wednesday’s leadership contest in the party caucus. “But my little girl”—6-year-old Island—“she thinks Daddy can always win. That’s always good to know.”

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Did Any Student Say, Hey, Wait a Minute?

It’s still 1969 at Duke University. From the Duke Chronicle: (emphasis is mine)

More than 60 students gathered to discuss gender inequity during Duke Student Government’s first Campus Gender Summit, held over three days.

Women and men met separately Monday and Tuesday respectively to discuss gender issues and then reconvened Wednesday to talk together about tangible action plans that could be implemented on campus.

“The goal of the Summit is to propose concrete recommendations that will improve the climate of gender issues on campus,” according to a Wednesday press release from DSG.

Liaison to Gender Issues Michelle Sohn, a senior, said she hoped the forum would address what she called a “problematic gender dynamic on campus that… a lot of students are frustrated about.”

Issues of sexual assault and peer pressure will, unfortunately, always be with us. But I just wish the “Gender Summit” would discuss the reality of 2010.

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Today in Raleigh: NC State’s Andy Taylor on Elections and the Constitution

The N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law is hosting a luncheon event featuring NC State Political Science Professor Andy Taylor talking about the impact of the elections. Information here.

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