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More addled thinking from ex-RINO Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, the RINO of RINOs who is a Republican when it suits him, is now an independent. The former Republican U.S. Senator is now the governor of Rhode Island and has prohibited all state employees from going on talk radio shows. Why? Here’s his addled reasoning:

Spokesman Michael Trainor said a directive will go out over the next day or so that reflects that new policy.

He said the policy emanates from a belief that talk radio is essentially “ratings-driven, for-profit programming,” and “we don’t think it is appropriate to use taxpayer resources” in the form of state employee work time to “support for-profit, ratings-driven programming.”

Does Chafee not understand that the liberal newspapers that he has kept on his list of approved media outlets are “for-profit” institutions? Has he never seen the ads in a newspaper, you know, those things down below the stories that pay the freight for all those lefty copy editors, pundits and reporters?

I had a boss once whose response when people accused him of “just trying to sell papers” was, “Hell, yes, I’m trying to sell papers. If I wasn’t, I’d be fired by my publisher.”

How is a newspaper’s profit motive different from talk radio’s? How is it different from the profit motive of news, non-talk radio, which Chafee has left on the approved media list? Are they any less “ratings driven” than talk radio? Hardly.

This is just another front in the war to demonize talk radio in advance of liberal attempts to Fairness Doctrine it out of existence. Like that effort, Chafee’s move is actually an attempt to shield himself from tough questions, scrutiny and accountability.

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How’s that demonization of the Tea Party going?

Not so good:

The fact that young people think favorably of the Tea Party stands out, Brauer said, and could help shape the Republican and Democratic parties.

“This should be most disheartening to Democrats, who usually are best at attracting the youngest age group,” Brauer said, noting that 48 percent of those ages 18 to 44 have a positive view of the Tea Party, and “that cuts into Democratic support in the state.”

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Has the MSM jumped the shark?

I posited yesterday that the media’s irresponsible reaction to the Arizona shootings could well have been a “Wellstone funeral moment” for the MSM. It’s starting to look that way.

Already the media is running like 100-meter sprinters away from their initial narrative that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement are responsible for the Arizona violence. Some papers, like The News & Observer, which ran stories citing the Palin-Tea Party accusations on Sunday, has deleted any further such references. And today they editorialized quite responsibly on the issue with only generic references to rhetoric and tone. No mention of conservatives or the John Locke Foundation or Art Pope, surprisingly.

The media is trying desperately to pivot to a new narrative, the old standby of gun control. Some politicians, of course, are still trying to slander the right, but the MSM will protect them by ignoring or downplaying their accusations. Meanwhile, media watchers on the right and left are saying the 48-hour orgy of hate from the media is the worst performance by the Fourth Estate in recent memory.

And here’s the kicker. After all this wall-to-wall spin to pin the blame on Palin and the Tea Party, the American public is saying, “B.S.”:

CBS polled almost 700 adults in the wake of the mass murder in Tucson committed by Jared Lee Loughner to determine whether the media spin that the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the murders of six others was a political act had resonated with the public. Perhaps surprisingly, the spin machine seems to have failed. A majority of 57% say that politics had nothing to do with the shooting, and even a plurality of 49% of Democrats agree.

It’s pretty clear why the mainstream media is backing off it’s ludicrous original narrative.

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Advice to gun-ignorant reporters

Reporters are knee-jerkily opposed to or afraid of guns. And since we’ve feminized growing up to such an extent that most boys never touch a play gun much less a real one, these journalists often are incredibly ignorant of firearms and the laws that govern them.

Here’s a tip: Before you write anything about guns, read Bob Owens’ blog posts, or email him with your questions. It will save you a lot of embarrassment.

Here’s a perfect example.

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Where was Brad Miller when this was happening?

North Carolina Democratic Rep. Brad Miller, like many liberals, is trying to make political hay after the tragic shootings in Arizona on Saturday. His reaction resembled the shameless knee-jerk, crassly opportunistic reaction of most lefty bloggers: Blame conservatives for the climate that he claims spawned a crazy person like Jared Loughner, the alleged shooter:

Miller, a Raleigh Democrat, had sharp words for recent political rhetoric that he said has contributed to a toxic environment, saying the right especially has been more virulent in recent times.

He blamed the media for not bringing more attention to issues such as political rally signs comparing Obama to Hitler, and showing dead bodies stacked like cordwood, comparing health reform to concentration camps in the Holocaust.

“There have been posters and T-shirts printed that said, ‘We come unarmed, parentheses, this time.’ The threat of violence in that is unmistakable,” Miller said.

But where was Miller’s outrage when this kind of political speech was rampant in the left-wing swamp during the Bush years? Where were the attempts to sponsor legislation outlawing free speech by political opponents when George Bush was the object of several assassination works of art and fiction?

Here are just a few examples.

The truth is, many left-wing bloggers, media types and Democrats see this tragedy as an opportunity to ban the kind of opposition they ran into with tea partiers over the last 18 months. If the crazy legislation being pushed Democrat Rep. Bob Brady of Pennsylvania were to pass, it would allow almost any opposition to be termed illegal.

And that’s right up a liberal Democrat’s alley.

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