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Hell Has Frozen Over in Orange County

In one of the state’s most liberal counties, the county that’s home to the Berkeley of the East, comes this story from the News & Observer:

GOP opens permanent office in Orange County

The GOP won’t have a problem finding leftist, tax-and-spend policies to fight.

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Unconscionable: Orange Commissioners Consider Property Tax Hike

In an unconscionable slap to the property owners of Orange County, the tax-and-spend proud liberals who control the county commission are considering yet another hike in the property tax rate. The rate stands at a staggering 85.8 cents per $100 valuation. They have raised the rate 20 of the last 21 years.

To add insult to injury, their refusal to rule out a property tax rate hike comes as the commissioners get ready to adopt a formal resolution to put a quarter-cent sales tax hike on the November ballot — the same tax hike voters defeated in November.

Remember, this supposedly cash-starved county last year appropriated $45,000 for a breastfeeding consultant — just one of the items the progressives say is a core government service.

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Public Policy Polling on Guv Rematch: McCrory Beats Perdue, 49-37

The latest survey results from Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling show former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory easily beating Gov. Beverly Perdue were the race for governor held today. The governor continues to have problems within her own party and is in serious trouble with independents.

Perdue continues to lag a good bit when tested in a hypothetical rematch with 2008 foe Pat McCrory. The former Charlotte mayor’s lead is back up to 49-37 this month. The biggest problem for Perdue here is once again her party base- while McCrory has 84% of Republicans locked up, only 64% of Democrats are committing to Perdue right now. She probably needs that number to be up closer to 80% to win reelection. Independents continue to lean toward McCrory as well by a 44-29 margin.

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Garner’s Scotty McCreery is American Idol Finalist

American Idol has discovered more North Carolina talent. His incredible deep voice has launched Garner resident Scotty McCreery to the top 24 of this year’s competition. Its hard to believe he’s only 17. Since I love traditional country music, I’ll be cheering for this kid.

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Clock Ticking on Durham’s Acceptance of Matricular Consular ID

The controversial decision by Durham police and city council to accept the Mexican ID card known as the Matricular Consular would be voided by a bill making its way through the General Assembly. Yesterday a House committee approved the measure and it now heads to the House Judiciary Committee. The Herald-Sun reports that, as you might suspect, Durham officials aren’t happy about it and that Durham’s legislative delegation believes they cannot stop it.

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Work in Durham But Live Elsewhere? Commuter Tax is Durham’s Latest Idea

Orange County commissioners have the reputation for being the most liberal in the Triangle — and they are. Look no further than the $45,000 in public money being spent on a breastfeeding consultant. But, Durham commissioners aren’t far behind, thanks to Durham County Commission Chairman Michael Page, who is raising the idea of a “commuter tax.”

Why? Because Page wants to find a way to get money from those who work in Durham County but live elsewhere. Page thinks that unless you live in Durham, you don’t contribute enough to the area.

It’s a ridiculous idea that, according to the WRAL story, already has some officials worried. Can you say JOB KILLER?

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2nd Attempt at Sales Tax Hike: Orange Commissioners Want Tax on Nov. Ballot

Less than four months ago, Orange County voters defeated the commissioners’ attempt to hike the sales tax. Now the Herald-Sun reports commissioners have asked County Manager Frank Clifton to bring forth a formal resolution to put the quarter-cent tax hike on this November’s ballot.

The proud progressives on the county commission board have an unquenchable thirst for other people’s money, even as they continue to waste it with silly appropriations such as the $45,000 for a breastfeeding consultant. County Manager Frank Clifton tried to remove the appropriation from last year’s budget but he was rebuffed.

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Who Are the Real Have-Nots in Wisconsin?

Over at sister blog The Locker Room, Roy Cordato puts the Wisconsin union protests into crystal-clear perspective. Blogs Cordato:

You might be a progressive if…

…you always take the side of the have-nots against the haves—unless the haves are public sector union members and the have-nots are the taxpayers

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More Women-Are-Special Journalism

You read this kind of story in 1969, 1979, 1989, and 1999. And now the Duke Chronicle writes it again in 2011 — the wonderful and great things that come when — tada! — a woman is hired into a leadership position. This time, gender is a key feature of the story about Duke’s new dean of the faculty of Arts and Sciences, Laurie Patton, who comes to Duke from Emory University.

I don’t know Professor Patton and I presume she’s a fine person and scholar, but when will journalists and academics stop using this 40-year-old template about women and the supposed benefits women bring to a job that men don’t? I’ve worked for men and women and I’ve found gender has little to do with management skill, critical thinking, and technical expertise. What’s more, to continue implying that women lack opportunity is just plain silly.

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