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The Nation Features Rep. Walter Jones as “the anti-war Republican”

The Leftie favorite The Nation includes a feature on Rep. Walter Jones and his proposal to withdraw from Afghanistan. There’s also this interesting information about Jones teaming up with Rep. Dennis Kucinich in challenging President Obama’s intervention in Libya without congressional approval. I encourage you to read the piece.

Jones has allied himself with liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich on many issues raised by the “war on terror” and Obama’s decision in late March to go to war against the Libyan government without bothering to get Congressional authorization. “We must not let any war continue absent legal authorization by Congress,” Kucinich said. He contends that Obama not only violated the War Powers Act of 1973 but also the Constitution, which empowers Congress, not the president, to declare war and provide for the common defense, in Arti-
cle 1, Section 8. Kucinich has vowed to force a vote in the House “to end US military operations in Libya.” Jones and Kucinich are discussing filing suit in federal court to force a judicial ruling on whether Obama overstepped his constitutional bounds regarding Libya.

Jones is also a point man in an effort in the House to grab back from the president the powers the founding fathers gave Congress to declare war and provide for the common defense. Not since 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, has Congress exercised its right to declare war. Jones sponsored a bill that would subject a president who lied in giving the reasons for going to war to prosecution by the Justice Department. The measure never left the subcommittee. As for Obama’s bombing of Libya, Jones said, “We’re neutered as a Congress. It’s like we don’t exist.”


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Indictment Coming?

Andy Curliss of the News & Observer has the latest on a possible indictment of John Edwards for campaign finance violations, and his legal team’s novel argument that the cash he evidently received from heiress Bunny Mellon to hide Rielle Hunter was just money exchanged among friends to keep the affair secret from Elizabeth, not an issue of campaign finance.


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We Shouldn’t Be Surprised

What does it mean to be an American? Unfortunately, many of today’s young people don’t know and don’t care. From The Weekly Standard:

Earlier this week, in a lunch hosted by the Hoover Institution, Damon discussed his latest book, Failing Liberty 101: How We Are Leaving Young Americans Unprepared for Citizenship in a Free Society. He explained how the lack of interest in civics in our schools is leading toward a dangerous apathy. Whereas 60 percent of students said they were interested in civic affairs in the early 1960s, over the last decade, the number declined to 30 percent. (There is also a link to voter participation, though 2008 was an exception.)

Thank you, Big Education.

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NC Planned Parenthood Exec:”Abortion is basic health care for women”

From the pro-abortion lobby comes this stomach-turning comment. It is from Melissa Reed of NC’s Planned Parenthood and is part of a story about Rep. Virginia Foxx’s bill that would prohibit the use of a federal grant to train doctors on how to end the life of an unborn baby. (emphasis is  mine)


Melissa Reedvice president of public policy for Planned Parenthood Health Systems in Raleigh, said the legislation would affect teaching schools nationwide.

“Virginia Foxx’s amendment undermines women’s ability to be served by physicians who are adequately trained,” Reed said. “Medical schools rely on support so that they can provide training to young people from a variety of economic backgrounds. Abortion is basic health care for women, and it’s vitally important that medical doctors have this training.”


Chilling. Will Ms. Reed admit that abortion is a death sentence for the baby?

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More Civility and Tolerance From the Left

This was a banner week for the Left’s love of civility and tolerance.

There was this vulgar attack, which resulted in a suspension.

There was this display, which resulted in an arrest.

And there was this, which is now heading for the ballot box.

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Smithfield Fires Town Manager Over Pay-Raise Scandal

The Smithfield town council fired town manager Eric Williams yesterday. The firing comes in the wake of the scandal over unauthorized pay raises to 31 town employees, including astronomical raises for three people including the town clerk. lNBC 17 reports that an investigation has concluded that Williams authorized the raises even though he didn’t sign the paperwork. Those three raises have been rescinded. Regardless, the town has also brought in an outside attorney to investigate the situation again. Williams reportedly has lawyered up.


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ABC: John Edwards Meets With Heiress/Donor Bunny Mellon

Amid reports that a federal indictment could be coming for John Edwards, ABC reports on a meeting between Edwards and 100-year-old heiress/campaign donor Bunny Mellon:

ABC’s James Hill reports: John Edwards, while facing looming criminal indictment, spent the afternoon in Upperville, Virginia, visiting one of the key players in the alleged scheme to cover-up his affair.

Multiple sources at the estate of Rachel “Bunny” Mellon confirm to ABC News that the former North Carolina senator met Mellon today for lunch at her sprawling compound in Northern Virginia.

The purpose of the visit is unclear, but it is sure to raise eyebrows with federal investigators who have spent more than two years scrutinizing Mellon’s contributions to Edwards and his presidential campaign.    Attorneys for Edwards did not respond to requests for comment.

Meantime, Edwards attorney Greg Craig says his client has broken no law.


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The “Me” Generation Chokes

It’s stories like these that make me so thankful my parents raised me with a belief in myself and an understanding that while life will throw everyone roadblocks, my prosperity and security are largely up to me. Unfortunately, the “me” generation isn’t rising to the occasion when it comes to caring for themselves. (emphasis is mine)


The growing concerns are causing indecision and inertia at a time when Boomers need to be more involved in their retirement future, financial planners say. As pensions disappear, many of them must rely on 401(k) plans.

“They woke up one day to find themselves responsible for saving and investing and generating retirement income,” says David Ramirez, portfolio manager at Financial Engines, which interviewed more than 300 near-retirees and retirees.

Uh, yeah. And this is news to some folks? Who else would be responsible for them in retirement? Ah yes — government.


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Do We Really Need a Law Against This?

Why not just expect people to use common sense? I’m with Apex Town Councilman Bryan Gossage on this.

More than 60 people, most wearing red, attended a council meeting last week seeking an exception that would allow kids to play in the town’s cul-de-sacs. The change also would allow children to ride bikes on sidewalks.

“It’s not the written word that keeps a person safe. It’s common sense that keeps a person safe. It’s good judgment that keeps a person safe,” Gossage said. “What we heard from parents is, ‘Let us take on that role.'”


We played four square in the street when I was a kid. No one got hurt. I don’t recommend it in a busy neighborhood, but this is clearly parents’ territory. Apex staff has been directed to draft a change that allows play in cul de sacs. Whether it passes is another issue.


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