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Hagan 180 degrees out of sync with Michelle Obama

While Michelle Obama is crusading against obesity whenever she’s not wolfing down 1,700-calorie burger-fries-and-shake combos, Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan sees a different problem for the nanny state to fix:

Despite the obesity epidemic, North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin, and Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis are pushing legislation to encourage the media to produce healthier images of women.

They say women and girls feel overly pressured to be thin.

I’m confused. Which is it?

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John Edwards Lawyers Back in Court

Lawyers for John Edwards will be in a Greensboro court today to discuss scheduling and documents related to his federal indictment over alleged campaign finance violations related to  money used to hide mistress Rielle Hunter from the public.


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Good Ending to a Really Bad Beginning

This week my dad and I were stunned to see Kingman, Arizona resident Keith Carmickle nearly fall to his death while trying to catch a foul ball during Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing on our TV screen, considering the recent death of baseball fan Shannon Stone, who fell to his death while trying to catch a ball thrown to him by North Carolina native Josh Hamilton, who plays for the Texas Rangers.

Realizing that he nearly died, Carmickle has decided to do something positive with his fame — or infamy as some see it –following his appearance on “Good Morning America.” From AZcentral.com:


But the man who appeared Wednesday morning and the brother who saved him were different men than they were Monday night.

When Carmickle watched the tape of his near-fall, he was shaking his head and his eyes were wide.

He talked about getting caught up in the moment and using “bad judgment.” He said he knew he was lucky to be alive. He said he was blessed. He said he never doubted for a moment that his brother would hold on to him and pull him back.

“That’s a brother’s love,” Keith Carmickle said. And Kraig nodded.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Carmickle brothers were still in New York City, and they were tired.

They had their hotel, courtesy of the show, for one more night. And they had just posted their two home-run balls on eBay.

All the money, they said, will go to the Shannon Stone Memorial Fund for the family of the Texas man who was not as lucky as Carmickle.

“I’ve learned, yes,” Carmickle said Wednesday by telephone. “I’ve learned a lot.”

A very nice gesture.

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Wake Comm. Chair Paul Coble Giving “serious consideration” to run for Congress

He was Raleigh’s mayor in the late 90s and has been on the Wake County Board of Commissioners since 2006, currently serving as chairman. In a News & Observer story about former Republican U.S. Attorney George Holding throwing his hat in the ring for the 13th district seat in Congress, Republican Paul Coble says he’s seriously thinking of joining the race for the 13th district. Democrat Brad Miller is the incumbent. Coble also tells the News & Observer he will make a decision soon. If my math is correct, three Republicans have declared so far: Nathan Tabor, Vernon Robinson, and George Holding. This could be a fascinating Republican primary. The presumption is that Miller will run for re-election under the newly redrawn district lines, but no official word that I’m aware of.

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