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Americans have lost their moral compass

James O’Keefe, the conservative activist/filmmaker who famously obtained undercover footage of Planned Parenthood and ACORN employees willing to break laws, has now turned his attention to Medicaid fraud.

In his latest effort, he has two fake “Russian drug dealers” visit Medicaid offices in Ohio and ask for advice on multiple abortions for their 12-year-old sisters, ask if they can own a million-dollar supercar (a McLaren F1) and still qualify for Medicaid, and ask if Medicaid will come into their houses and pull up their floorboards to get to their drug stash. “We’re not the police,” is the response.

Now, these Medicaid screeners seem to be average Americans working in a government office. They’re not the zealot pro-abortion types, or the socialist activists you’ll find in a Planned Parenthood or ACORN office. Yet, none of them expressed outrage, dismay, or even sadness that what they thought were drug dealers who were admitting to all sorts of past and future crimes. Nor did they point out that Medicaid was designed for poor people who actually needed help, and that any money they gave to them would keep it from going to people who really need it.

What is it in the American psyche that kept these bureaucrats from defending their program from scofflaws and cheats? Why were they hesitant to tell these guys to take a hike? Where is their sense of right and wrong? Where is their outrage? What’s happened to America?

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Unusual Arrangement?

The Durham News reports on questions about the administration of Durham’s homeless program. I encourage you to read the entire story since I suspect this story is not going away.


The new “Opening Doors” approach transferred oversight of Durham’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness from a private nonprofit to local government.

Employee Lanea Foster was to move into a position created for her in the Community Development department.

Instead, Foster is working from home as an independent contractor. Her three-month contract pays her $5,000 a month plus up to $1,000 a month for expenses. An invoice dated June 15 totals $1,012.83, including $500 for office space rental and charges for telephone service, office supplies and computer purchase.

“What’s going on here?” said City Councilman Eugene Brown. “This appears to be a very unusual arrangement.

I do not understand $1,000 a month expenses,’ Brown said. “Nor do I understand why she is charging $500 a month for office space and [for] telephone when that was available in the office of Community Development.”

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Gallup: Obama Job Approval at Just 44%

Gallup’s rolling three-day average of President Obama’s job approval shows him with just 44% approval — proving yet again that policies DO have consequences. Have the American people finally realized that this administration’s policies are hurting average Americans? Have they realized that even a gifted orator must deliver results, not just make promises? Have they discovered that facts matter?


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