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Compton CA $25 Million in Hole, Yet Union Threatens to Sue Over Layoffs

Incredible. Compton, California is planning to lay off a slew of employees to address a $25 million budget hole. The union says no; it will sue.

Local governments can avoid these problems if they follow these sound, basic fiscal guidelines that fund appropriate and necessary core services and leave the “wants” to private entities, community groups, and individuals.



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Sen. David Rouzer to Run for Congress

Sen. David Rouzer has announced he’ll seek the 7th District seat in Congress. New district lines released this week put the Johnston County Republican in the district.



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John Edwards’ Money Problems

The News & Observer reports John Edwards could have more trouble heading his way. This time it’s from the FEC and it relates to his 2008 presidential campaign matching funds.



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A Boat Owner’s Bonanza!

Carolina Journal’s Don Carrington has the latest example of how the nearly $1 trillion “stimulus” program was used in our state. Welcome to a North Carolina boat owner’s bonanza — oops, excuse me — “shovel-ready” project. Read the whole story.


“Bite Me,” a charter fishing boat based at the Hatteras Harbor Marina in Dare County, was one of 14 fishing boats on the North Carolina coast to receive thousands of dollars to replace their diesel engines under President Obama’s stimulus program.

The purpose of the funds, administered by the state’s Marine Diesel Equipment Repower program, was to improve air quality by reducing diesel emissions, though the boats operate in an area of the state not known for air-quality problems.

In addition to the colorfully named “Bite Me,” also receiving funds for engine replacement under the 2009 stimulus program were “Harper’s Folly,” “Endless Pursuit,” “Net Results,” “Hopeful,” and nine other fishing vessels. (See chart below for all grant recipients.)

“Bite Me” owner Jay Kavanagh received $65,886 in public funds for a new diesel motor for the 51-foot charter boat based at the Hatteras Harbor Marina in Dare County. Kavanagh’s award amounted to one-half the cost of purchasing and installing a new Caterpillar 2009 model year motor. The new motor ran cleaner than the 2000 version that had powered his boat.


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It Can’t Be Done Without an $80,000 Per Year Director?

According to high-profile progressives in Chatham County, the quest for better race relations “came to a halt” in January when the new county commission eliminated the $80,000 per year position of the executive director of the Human Relations Commission(HRC)  in order to save money. So, the HRC members have all resigned in protest. Undeterred by the histrionics, County Commission Chairman Brian Bock says they’ll find others who want to serve. From the News & Observer:


After the meeting, Chairman Brian Bock said the move was a disappointment and a shock, since he said Clark told him he would talk about how the HRC was transitioning from a board with a director to an advisory committee.

The county will now advertise for new applicants to join the 12-member board, he said.

“If they feel that they can’t serve without a director, then we’ll find people who can,” Bock said.

I give a pat on the back to Chairman Bock for (1) taking seriously his board’s responsibility to be a good fiscal steward of public money and (2) for understanding the Chatham community has many fine residents who will set a good example for respecting all citizens without a government funded $80,000 per year HRC director.


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