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Ground Shakes in Triangle

I was at NewsRadio680 WPTF when the quake hit about an hour ago. The ground shook beneath my feet and then the police scanners starting sounding off. Mitch Kokai of the Locke Foundation was downtown in the JLF offices. He says JLF’ers felt it, too. Down the street from JLF at the News & Observer, they also felt it.

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What To Do When Expenses Grow Faster Than Revenue

The News & Observer is blogging about an interview that SAS’s Jim Goodnight gave to Inc., in which he talks about instituting a hiring freeze to control costs. Here is an excerpt of the Q&A from the actual magazine interview.


You’ve weathered five recessions. How do you make it through tough times?
We have a very simple philosophy: Try to make sure the percentage revenue growth is higher than the percentage expense growth. It’s a magic formula.

And how do you do that?
Right now, looking at our numbers, our expense growth is higher than our revenue growth. Anytime that happens, I put a freeze on hiring. We’re up by 4 percent hiring this year. We can’t sustain any more. I think we’ve got over 300 open positions right now. But what I do in this situation is, I just call HR and say, “Hey, don’t hire any more people.” I don’t care how many people we’re looking for. As a software company, 75 percent of our cost is people. So if I can control costs by not hiring, then it’s fairly easy to keep things in check.


So, when expenses grow more than revenue, you put the brakes on expenses. Smart business. If only government would follow this simple but effective  rule.

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Ah Yes, There Ought To Be a Law

The journal Pediatrics is reporting on a study about kids who fall from windows. Researchers say about 5,000 a year end up in the ER. Scary for sure. But does that mean there ought to be a law that requires window guards? At least one researcher, Dr. Gary Smith, seems to think so. From CNN:

The study points out that great reductions were seen in New York and Boston after programs were implemented there to combat the problem. The programs involved education in the community and among parents. Window guards were also made available. In New York City, window guards became mandatory in apartments where young children lived.

“We know what works,” Smith said. “We need to now go out and implement that.”

There is no disputing that kids falling out of windows is a scary accident. But it’s a risk that can be addressed voluntarily and responsibly by parents, landlords and homeowners.

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Vice President Joe Biden is known for raising eyebrows with his comments, but is it really possible that he is on board with China’s radical and dehumanizing one-child rule? How can he possibly “fully understand” this horror of forced abortions and the selective killing of unborn baby girls and say he is “not second-guessing” it?! Based on his reported comments in China this weekend, yes, he is. Appalling. Expect a “clarification” from the White House. Soon.



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