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Don’t give Occupy Raleigh a permanent home

The Raleigh City Council has been asked by the Occupy Raleigh movement to give their band of anti-capitalist anarchists a permanent home. Bad idea.

Aiding and abetting these nihilists has resulted in violence, vandalism, and mayhem in other cities. Don’t give them a government-sponsored encampment where their radical resentments can fester into violence.

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These are Brad Miller and Elaine Marshall’s friends

North Carolina Democrats U.S. Rep. Brad Miller and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall ostentatiously, and unwisely, jumped on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon back in October. Keep in mind that these are the people they have allied themselves with:

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Breaking News: Yes, Cash For Clunkers Hurt the Poor

A lot of folks pointed out that the cheerleaders for the Cash for Clunkers program were ignoring the inevitable negative impact of destroying older cars and reducing the number available. But the cheerleaders covered their ears and eyes and forged ahead with misguided government intervention into the marketplace. Now comes the reality of Cash for Clunkers for low-income Americans who desperately need the economic and social empowerment that comes with having a reliable vehicle to get to and from work, school, doctors, and family — the empowerment that does not come with public transportation.

If anything, the government has hindered the working poor’s access to cars. The 2009 Cash-for-Clunkers program, for example, put 690,000 running vehicles in the junkyard, making the used cars that remained more expensive.

“Those cars could have been used for very needy working-class families,” said Carolyn Hayden, a Glendarden, Md., transportation consultant. “It will go down in the annals as a missed opportunity.”

The lack of alternatives drives millions of families into the arms of Buy Here Pay Here dealers, known for selling used cars at stiff markups and with high-interest loans. Many of the buyers eventually default, and the dealers repossess the vehicles and often put them back up for sale. Dealers sometimes sell the same car again and again.

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Carrying Sticks, Smashing Windows, Spray Painting Expletives on Doors

The longer they “occupy” and squat, the more revealing it is. The latest display of the movement’s values, demonstrated by the radical leftists who populate it, comes from San Francisco.

Port spokesman Isaac Kos-Read said evening operations had been “effectively shut down.”

The Occupy Oakland protest was the largest in a series of rallies in several cities as the Occupy Wall Street movement that began Sept. 17 tried to grab national attention.

A group of about 300 protesters, many of them men wearing black, some covering their faces with bandanas and some carrying wooden sticks, smashed windows of aWells Fargo bank branch while chanting “Banks got bailed out. We got sold out.”

The protesters spray-painted an expletive on the exterior wall of the bank and blocked the front door of a branch of Citibank, forcing customers to use a rear door.

The vandalism and intimidation in San Francisco comes after the self-indulgent, intimidating behavior of their radical compadres in New York City led to the layoff of 21 people at a lower Manhattan eatery.

Not only are these displays pathetic, they are becoming threats to law abiding citizens’ safety and ability to earn a living.


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