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Pelosi’s grousing about author falls on deaf ears here

Author Peter Schweizer, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, has researched the insider-trading of many members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats. But no one abused the system more than former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her reaction to a devastating “60 Minutes” report based on Scweizer’s book, Throw Them All Out, was predictable: Blame the messenger:

“It is very troubling that ‘60 Minutes’ would base their reporting off of an already-discredited conservative author who has made a career [out of] attacking Democrats,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said in the statement.

This is a one-time thing for Pelosi, being the object of the reporting of “an already discredited conservative author who has made a career of attacking Democrats.” But conservatives put up with “already discredited left-wing authors who have made a career of attacking Republicans” every day. It’s called the mainstream media.

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Breaking & Entering in Chapel Hill: Squatters Team With Anarchists, Wreak Havoc

If there’s still any doubt about the true motivations and intentions of the “Occupy” movement, the Chapel Hill crowd put it to rest for this area. Police says the squatters and anarchists hooked up and broke into a vacant, privately owned building.  Police drew their guns and carted some of the thugs off to jail. From the News & Observer:


In a statement Sunday night, police said they had monitored the building since Saturday night when they learned attendees of an anarchist book fair held this weekend aligned with Occupy Chapel Hill and that about 70 people entered the former car dealership.

“Officers also learned that strategies used by anarchists in other communities included barricading themselves in buildings, placing traps in buildings, and otherwise destroying property,” said the statement from Lt. Kevin Gunter. “The group in the … building used large banners to obscure the windows to the business and strategically placed members on the roof as look-outs.”


So exactly who are these thugs and what do they believe?

The group identified itself as “anti-capitalist occupiers” and moved into the former University Chrysler and Yates Motor Co. building at 419 W. Franklin St. on Saturday night, the police statement said.

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Reality vs. Projections

From The Weekly Standard comes the reality of Obamacare. The Congressional Budget Office predicted more people would have employer-sponsored health insurance this year  than last year under Obamacare.  Wrong. From TWS’ blog:

Now, Gallup reports that from the first quarter of 2010 (when Obama signed Obamacare into law) to the third quarter of this year, 2 percent of American adults lost their employer sponsored health insurance. In other words, about 4.5 million Americans lost their employer-sponsored insurance over a span of just 18 months. 

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ABC: Woman raped at Occupy Philadelphia

From ABC news:

A woman protester at the Occupy Philadelphia encampment at City Hall was raped in a tent, allegedly by a man who had traveled from out of state to join the protest, police said.

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