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Orange Democrats Elect 21-Year-Old To Lead Party

To win re-election, President Obama needs the same level of support from college students as he enjoyed in 2008. That’s why this story caught my eye. I’d say it’s a smart move by Orange County Democrats, who will be looking to turn out every possible UNC-Chapel Hill Democrat they can find.


Despite his age, UNC student Matt Hughes has shown the Orange County Democratic Party he is the man for the job.

Hughes, a North Carolina Teaching Fellow and political science major, was elected as the Orange County Democratic Party chairman Monday.

And many think his young perspective will be an advantage.

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Excellent Idea From C-SPAN

C-SPAN is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to allow cameras into the courtroom for arguments over Obamacare. Excellent idea. Since every single American will be directly impacted if this monstrosity of government over-reach is upheld, every single one of us should have direct  access to the arguments that could forever alter our lives. As The Weekly Standard blogged here, Obamacare is looming and employers are dropping health insurance benefits — exactly what supporters of government-only health insurance want.

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