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Durham County raises show favored status of government employees

Durham County’s Board of Commissioners’ decision to give raises ranging from 2.2 to 32 percent shows the special status enjoyed by people working for the government. Commissioners Chairman Michael Page spells out why, in an economic recession when tax revenues are stagnant, commissioners felt this was a good thing to do:

“Many of these are working-class families. How do we continue to not be able to support them in some way?” he said to explain the board’s thinking.

Government employees are indeed fortunate. In the private sector, when things are tight and revenue is down, people get laid off because there is no money to pay them, much less give them raises. In government, you just have to tap the taxpayers.

As Donna Martinez pointed out earlier here, the recently approved sales tax is just the latest example of how government uses taxpayers as the golden goose. Oh, and that regressive tax will hit the laid-off private-sector worker every time he buys a loaf of bread or gallon of milk. But, no matter. The public worker has been amply supported, as Page put it.

The lefty interest groups in Raleigh, and Gov. Bev Perdue, have spent several months decrying the loss of a piddling few government workers, urging tax increases to keep them attached to the public teat. They have shown virtually no concern for the thousands and thousands of private-sector workers who have lost jobs in this economy.

Why is the layoff of a government worker somehow more poignant than the layoff of a private-sector worker? Why should we shed copious tears for the laid off bureaucrat or shovel-leaner working for the state, county, or city, but ignore the vastly larger number of private-sector workers who have lost jobs in the Obama economy?

The left rants about injustice. Well, this is one.

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Academics, journalists help to hide Occupy’s not-so-hidden agenda

President Obama and many other Democrats have embraced the Occupy Wall Street movement. Among local Dems to have very publicly sided with the protesters are Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and U.S. Rep. Brad Miller.

Others have included The News & Observer, in editorials, glowing news stories that hide the malodorous aspects, and in columns. You get the feeling that these are either aging hippies like N&O columnist Jim Jenkins or folks who wish they had been alive back when people really knew how to stick it to The Man.

Another wistful backer of these smelly miscreants is senior associate dean of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke University Gerald Lee Wilson. In a column I linked to the other day, Wilson wrote this:

But Occupiers, for the most part, do not want to overthrow the capitalist system; they just want the opportunity to participate fully in it.

Just on the face of it this is hopeless naivete or willful ignorance. You don’t need a Ph.D. to see what these people want. It’s written on all their signs, and it certainly is not capitalism.

But don’t take my word for it. Just go to the official Occupy Wall Street website and you’ll find that “stomping out capitalism” is their chief goal.

I don’t know why Duke deans, the mainstream media, and our state’s Democratic politicians find it so hard to understand this.

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As Sales Tax Hike Looms, Durham County Passes Out Raises

Evidently there’s plenty of money in Durham County coffers. Remember this as the sales tax hike kicks in and when — as they always do — commissioners moan and cry about needing more of other people’s money.



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Rasmussen: Gingrich 45%, Obama 43%

Wow. This must have the president’s re-election strategists frowning and smiling at the same time. On one hand, Americans are rejecting the president’s policies — not good for Mr.Obama. On the other hand, Democrats were wildly successful in the past at demonizing Gingrich, meaning the playbook is already written.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters finds Gingrich attracting 45% of the vote while President Obama earns support from 43%. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided.

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