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Dems suddenly see Occupy protesters as a liability

Nancy Pelosi, who was among many Democrats who knee-jerkily supported the left-wing, hippie-reminiscent Occupy Wall Street protesters, now apparently wants to weaken the Democratic Party-Occupy Wall Street nexus.. In a fundraising mailing recently, she couldn’t even bring herself to use the name:

If you need further proof that Congressional Republicans are putting big Wall Street banks before middle class families, look no further than an explosive memo prepared by former John Boehner staffers-turned-banking lobbyists.

This just-leaked memo details an $850,000 “message war” plan to attack and discredit grassroots citizen movements working to hold special interests accountable

I wonder if North Carolina’s Democratic Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and Democratic U.S. Rep. Brad Miller are also rethinking their knee-jerk decisions to jump on the smelly Occupy bandwagon back in October.

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Still feels like condescension to me

I’m sure Bon Appétit magazine thinks it’s flattering us yay-hoos down below the Mason-Dixon line by deigning to put a few smidgens of ink to slick paper about our eating and talking habits. But it still feels like full-blown condescension to me. Sort of like this:

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Adam Carolla on Dennis Miller show discussing Clay Aiken

Adam Carolla, who will appear at The Carolina Theatre on Thursday night, was on The Dennis Miller Show today, and Miller plugged Carolla’s upcoming Durham appearance. Unfortunately, he, like Bill O’Reilly, who will be in Durham at DPAC in a couple of weeks, pronounced it “Dooo-rum.”

Carolla has a few comments about Clay Aiken, who, I’m guessing from the context, is on Celebrity Apprentice with Carolla. You can listen to it here.

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Rasmussen: Generic Republican 47%, Obama 42%

From Rasmussen comes the latest snapshot on the presidential race. This poll surveyed likely voters.

A generic Republican candidate now holds a five-point lead over President Obama in a hypothetical Election 2012 matchup for the week ending Sunday, Jan. 15.

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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

After the TSA was ridiculed for deeming a woman’s gourmet cupcake a potential security threat — the mound of icing could be weaponized gel, you know — the innovation and  creativity that is the hallmark of free enterprise and the entrepreneurs who embrace it, is once again on display. Meet the TSA-compliant cupcake. 

The incident inspired Kelly Colgan, owner of Silver Spoon Bakery in Providence, R.I., to create a travel-friendly treat: the TSA Compliant Cupcake. The $4 confection is topped with exactly 3 ounces of frosting and sold in a TSA-mandated clear, quart-size plastic blag. The decorative photo of Richard Nixon with the parodied words “I am not a gel” comes optional.

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It’s Obvious What’s Going On Here

The circus continues in Chapel Hill. The supposedly independent panel that’s doing yet another investigation into the takeover of another person’s property by squatters and anarchists is calling for an outside investigator — at an estimated cost of $15,000. There’s little doubt the “independent” panel won’t be satisfied until the police who responded to the mess are turned into the bad guys, the malcontent squatters/anarchists are turned into heroes, and the illegal act of breaking and entering is declared legal.



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