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Bob Geary’s Great Question: If They’re Against the Marriage Amendment, Do They Support Changing State Law?

Indy Week’s Bob Geary poses a great question about –  and to – the Democratic candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor. Today, five of the Democratic candidates released video messages opposing the Marriage Amendment that will appear on the May 8 primary ballot.

First this from Geary:

The two Lt. Gov. candidates have gone farther in their public comments, saying the amendment should be defeated so that state law can be changed.

Then Geary continues:

No such forward-looking remarks as yet from the gubernatorial candidates. State Rep. Bill Faison, former Congressman Bob Etheridge and the sitting Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton are standing pat on current state law as far as I know — and I have queried them on the subject to be sure they’re not advocating for change.


Great question from Geary. If someone believes the amendment is bad, then why would they not shout from the mountain tops about the need to change state law?

Get informed. Here are the websites of the two key advocates.

Against the Amendment:

For the Amendment:

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Just Plain Nice

From Triangle Business Journal comes the story of how SAS has done something really nice. Reporters from the NC State Technician couldn’t afford to make the trip to St. Louis to cover the Wolfpack.

That’s where SAS came in, buying a full-page ad in today’s paper so the reporters could catch a flight out to St. Louis. As of midnight Thursday, six student journalists were on their way to St. Louis – pulling an all-nighter to get there by 2 pm today to cover their team from the press table, the floor, and the stands.

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“It is a vast expansion of the government’s surveillance authority”

Federal News Radio reports on a new policy that allows the federal government to retain — for five years — information on U.S. citizens that have no ties to terrorism. Privacy advocates are rightly concerned.

The new rules replace guidelines issued in 2008 and have privacy advocates concerned about the potential for data-mining information on innocent Americans.

“It is a vast expansion of the government’s surveillance authority,” Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said of the five-year retention period.

The government put in strong safeguards at the NCTC for the data that would be collected on U.S. citizens for intelligence purposes, Rotenberg said. These new guidelines undercut the Federal Privacy Act, he said.

“The fact that this data can be retained for five years on U.S. citizens for whom there’s no evidence of criminal conduct is very disturbing,” Rotenberg said.

“Total Information Awareness appears to be reconstructing itself,” Rotenberg said, referring to the Defense Department’s post-9/11 data-mining research program that was killed in 2003 because of privacy concerns.

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Interesting Look at Women and The Role of Venture Capital

Yesterday I blogged about two talented young ladies who, with the help of mom, have started a company that’s really taken off. Today comes this USA Today story about venture capital required to start a business, with a focus on why women with talent and cash aren’t putting their resources to work.


“Women have over 51% of the wealth in the U.S., but we do less than 10% of early stage investing,” Flanagan said. “We have women with talent and money sitting on the sideline.

“If we could get some of that money invested, we’d change the game,” she said. “We could break the cycle of lack of access to capital for women entrepreneurs.”

Imagine how much more prosperous our country would be if women, in particular, clearly understood the impact they can have by helping others — not just women – start new companies. Getting involved in philanthropic efforts is great, but so is providing the fuel for others to succeed in the marketplace.


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