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Chapel Hill/Carrboro Squatter Movement Fizzles

As few as two people have shown up for squatter movement meetings in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, according to The Daily TarHeel. Here’s my favorite passage in the story.


Despite the lack of attendance, she remains optimistic about Occupy’s future.

“While I can’t tell where the movement is going right now, that’s sort of what I always liked about it, so I can’t really say I think it’s coming to a close,” she said.

Rowan said she agreed that the mission of Occupy Chapel Hill has always been in flux.

She said the group structure is informal and most members have never had any idea where the group’s mission was headed.

Some students say that lack of a clear goal hampered Occupy’s development.


Well, yeah.

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Morrisville Town Manager Continues to Push For Tax Hike

A budget fight is brewing in Morrisville over whether the town can pay for core services by keeping its property tax as is, at 36.65 cents per $100 in valuation. The Cary News reports that Town Manager John Whitson continues to push for a 4.2% hike, expressing frustration that the council said no at last week’s budget workshop. I don’t know the details of Morrisville’s spending plan so I can’t comment on whether there is room in it to adequately cover core services or not. Regardless, I’m glad to see this conversation  taking place. It will lead to detailed discussion of what is — and isn’t — a core service at the local government level.

Whitson called the council’s fixation on the 36.65 cent rate “unfortunate.”

“It’s wanting to be the lowest tax rate in the county when there is no basis for that,” he said at the workshop. “It should be based on meeting the need. This fixation to me is costing the community.”

So exactly what is the definition of “need”? And does meeting “need” automatically mean raising the tax rate? We’re about to find out in Morrisville.

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