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Rep. Virginia Foxx Responds To President Obama’s Reference To Her In UNC-CH Speech

Rep. Virginia Foxx talked with Neil Cavuto about the president’s reference to her at UNC Chapel Hill.



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U.S. Postal Service An Absolute Financial Debacle

Yesterday the Senate, as CNN puts it, “passed a plan to save the struggling U.S. Postal Service.”  The story details why the bloated, inefficient postal service is in such a mess, including this gem:

The Senate also agreed to cap executive pay of high-ranking postal officials to that of Cabinet officials, $199,000. (Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe made $384,000 last year.)

The cost of the Senate bill could prove a major sticking point with the House. The Congressional Budget Office says the bill would cost $33.6 billion over 10 years.

The tab comes from increased borrowing authority for the Postal Service, allowing it to borrow $11 billion more from Treasury. The Postal Service can currently borrow up to $15 billion, and has tapped $12 billion of that loan.


Isn’t it obvious it is well past time to allow competition for mail services? In the real world – yes. In Washington – no.

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Rep. Paul Ryan Cuts To The Chase On The Federal Budget

Unfortunately, many politicians like to speak in nonspecific, vague generalities. Not House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. Thankfully, he puts this country’s spending and budgeting challenge in very real, easy to understand terms and he does it in very few words.

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