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Fred Barnes Predicts Romney Win, Will Be In Raleigh Nov. 15 To Take A Bow Or A Verbal Beating

Put Nov. 15 on your calendar. That’s when The Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes will headline a John Locke Foundation luncheon in Raleigh to talk about the election results. Hope you can be there since Barnes has just predicted that Mitt Romney will be the next president. That means he’ll be in Raleigh to either take a bow or a verbal beating.

You can register for the Nov. 15 luncheon here.



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Going Broke

Yes, there is a day of reckoning for limitless spending and borrowing.

In a report issued Wednesday, Moody’s rated the debt of 30 cities, towns, villages, counties, and school districts as “speculative grade,” up from 25 last year. A speculative-grade rating for a local government means, at best, its debt is risky and, at worst, it could end in default. 24/7 Wall St. looked at 13 of the riskiest local governments that may be on the verge of bankruptcy.

In an interview with 24/7 Wall St., Moody’s Managing Director and Chief Credit Officer of U.S. Public Finances explained that the number of cities, counties and towns that default on some or all of their debt is growing. She attributes this to “a significant amount of credit pressure, sluggish economic recovery, and cities not being able to grow out of their problems this time around.” She added that many cities see defaulting as the only way to avoid total economic disaster.

On the federal level, we’re now at $16 trillion in debt. It doesn’t take an advanced economics degree to see what’s coming.

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Insulting Approach To A Serious Issue

Some young women seem clueless about how coarse and undignified their behavior is. Yes, I know, they’re young. That doesn’t mean they get a free pass when it comes to civility and dignity.  On Friday at NC State we were treated to another example of cringe-worthy behavior by young women. It came in the form of the “Slut Walk” organized by a female student who doesn’t seem to understand what the “Slut Walk” says to many people, or why this crassness mocks the serious issue of sexual assault, which was supposed to be the focus of the event.

Shah said the name of the walk seemed to alienate some people, but for the most part the event was successful.

“We reiterated our point,” Shah said. “I really hope some people got things out of this. Some walked with us on their way to class, though we also got weird looks.”


“Weird” doesn’t begin to describe it.

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Families Divided Over Election

This election really represents a fork in the road for this country – and for families – and I think this data illustrates it better than any poll about which candidate you support.

Forty-five percent (45%) say they have gotten into a heated argument with a friend or family member about the election.

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