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Chapel Hill Councilman Surprised By Reality Of Slogging Through Development Process

It’s always fascinating when an elected official must experience the rules and regulations he/she imposes on others. Case in point: Chapel Hill Councilman Jim Ward. According to the Daily Tar Heel, the town’s development process “can take as much as three times longer than that of other similarly sized college towns.”

It was supposed to be a simple approval ­— a small park, a picnic table and a playground to be located in the existing North Forest Hills neighborhood.

Yet the small project took more than a year to pass through the Chapel Hill Town Council.

Council member Jim Ward, who worked with the Parks and Recreation department to get the project approved, said he was surprised by how long it took.

“First there was a sort of knee jerk response from neighbors as if we were trying to put in a landfill,” he said. “They came up with all sorts of negative responses.”


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Johnston County Sen. David Rouzer Requests Recount In Race Versus Rep. Mike McIntyre

Johnston County state Sen. David Rouzer, Republican, has officially requested a recount in his 7th district congressional race against Democratic incumbent Rep. Mike McIntyre.  McIntyre leads Rouzer by 655 votes out of 336,739 cast. Here is Rouzer’s statement:


Raleigh, NC – State Senator David Rouzer, candidate for Congress in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District, released the following statement from his campaign today:

“Considering this is the closest Congressional race in the country and in light of the irregularity previously found in Bladen County, which significantly reduced the vote margin at that time, I have decided to request a mandatory recount of the votes cast in the 7th Congressional District as allowed by law. In a race this close, accidental human error could easily change the outcome. It is important to ensure that every legal vote cast is properly and accurately counted.”
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Someone Please Explain To Unions How Stores Make Money

More evidence that unions are about one thing, and one thing only: less work for more money and benefits. In this case, a union backed group is threatening to cripple WalMart as the holiday buying season begins.

Federal labor officials said Monday that they will decide quickly whether to support a request by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to stop a union-backed group from encouraging worker walk-outs at hundreds of stores on Friday, the traditional start of the holiday shopping season.

The world’s largest retailer, based in Bentonville, Ark., filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board on Friday against the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. It said that the demonstrations organized by union-backed OUR Walmart threatens to disrupt its business and intimidate customers and other associates.

It is nonsensical that people want to HURT the employer who provides them with the means to support themselves, and for whom they have voluntarily agreed to work.

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Eviscerating Two Myths The North Carolina Left Loves To Spread

In today’s must-read column, JLF Vice President for Outreach, Becki Gray, eviscerates two common myths we’ve heard over and over again from the North Carolina Left.

First, the Left loves to say the General Assembly carved out a special tax break for millionaires in the General Fund state budget. Actually – no. Here are the facts.

Who really will benefit? According to recent estimates from the NCGA Fiscal Research Division, less than 1 percent of those filing for the break will be in the $1 million tax bracket.

The $50,000 tax credit, however, will help small businesses — 69 percent of all the tax returns in the under-$50,000 tax bracket will benefit from this particular break. Eighty-eight percent of those benefiting from the break will be businesses earning less than $100,000 a year. And that’s how much money the business earned, not how much the owner was paid. 

Who are these small businesses? Contractors, barbers, landscapers, moms who sell Tupperware and Mary Kay to pay for their kids’ school clothes — real North Carolina small businesses trying to survive. Regardless of the rhetoric from the left, tax breaks to help small businesses will do just that — help small businesses.

The second myth Gray debunks is that the General Assembly denied women basic health care. You know the mantra — those big, bad Republicans can’t stand women. Here are the facts.

But the money was not withheld from women’s health services. The $343,000 will go to local health departments across North Carolina to provide those services. The women the left is worried about still can get family planning, maternal, and child care services. They just can’t get a government-funded abortion. The services will be available at the local health department where services for their children, dental care, and chronic disease control also are available. 

Is this the demise of Planned Parenthood? Hardly. When state funding was diverted to local health departments, Planned Parenthood went to the federal government and received about $426,000 — more than the General Assembly shifted from the organization.

If you still don’t believe that what you’ve heard from the Left isn’t correct, then I recommend you visit the legislation’s language yourself. The exact sections are referenced in Gray’s column. So does this mean the Left — most notably the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood zealots — will stop moaning about crying? Of course not. They make their money moaning and crying.

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