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Get Ready Raleigh, The Garbage Cart Police Are Watching You

There isn’t much some people expect government to do. And that’s why government grows bigger and bigger, and more and more costly. The Raleigh City Council has now determined that garbage carts left on the curb are such a problem, government must intervene with more rules — and yes — a fine — and yes — more enforcers.

The new rules, approved Tuesday by the City Council, shorten the length of time that carts, including recycling and yard waste containers, are allowed to remain on the curb. Under the current rules, carts can’t be out any earlier than noon the day before pickup and must be off the curb by 7 p.m. the day after they’re emptied.

The new timeline bars residents from taking their carts out earlier than sundown the day before pickup. Carts will have to be rolled back by sunrise the day after pickup.

Violators will get warnings followed by fines starting at $100. Tickets will go to landlords instead of tenants, a change intended to get the attention of property owners.

Predictably, here is the next step in the garbage cart police effort — more government employees.

In budget talks this spring, council members will discuss adding more code enforcement officers to the solid waste services staff – an item likely to compete with many other priorities in a tight budget year. Each additional employee would cost about $55,000.

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D.C. Official: City Employees Scammed $2 Million In Unemployment Benefits

The decline of society’s morality and character continues. There is no way not to know you’re stealing when you collect an unemployment check while working. And now, about $2 million is gone.

The scandal has widened since the District first revealed the fraud in early February. At the time, D.C. officials said their internal review had implicated 130 current or former employees and appeared to have cost taxpayers $800,000.

But Mallory said the upgraded database has allowed authorities to expand their investigation and detect other fraudsters.

Prosecutors have secured plea agreements with some, and sentences have varied.

In August, a judge sentenced a former employee of the District’s public school system to 45 days in jail for stealing $27,200 in benefits while employed.


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