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N.C.’s Big Education Establishment Moves Against Competition, Again

JLF’s Terry Stoops has posted at sister blog The Locker Room the move made today by the State Board of Education to prevent the expansion of a successful public charter school in Pamlico County. This move is as anti-parent as you can get. The school is in demand. And that’s what has Big Education worried. Shame on those who voted to do this. I’m waiting to see how Lt. Gov. Dan Forest takes to this anti-choice board. Here is part of Stoops’ blog. Read the entire blog here.

The State Board of Education denied a grade expansion request from Arapahoe Charter School.  This is the introduction of an arbirary, de facto cap on charter schools deemed to have obtained an excessive market share in a county.

Pity the parents and kids who are being prevented from taking a seat in the school of their choice.


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Outrageous Spending On Conference Costs Another VA Official Her Job

From the Washington Examiner:

Alice Muellerweiss, dean of the VA Learning University that hosted the conferences, resigned effective immediately, Rafael Torres, acting assistant secretary for human resources and administration, said in an announcement to his staff Friday afternoon.

The VA confirmed her departure in a statement today issued in response to this newspaper.

Muellerweiss’ former boss, John Sepulveda, left VA in September 2012 after a VA Inspector General’s probe found hundreds of thousands of dollars were wasted at the training conferences, held in Orlando in July and August of 2011.

Sepulveda quit the day before the IG reported that as much as $762,000 was wasted on the conferences for a parody video of the movie “Patton,” trinkets including pedometers and water bottles, and overpriced food and drinks.


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Wake County Legislators Featured In Governing Magazine’s Cover Story

Governing magazine’s January issue features Wake County Rep. Jim Fulghum on its cover. The story features comments from Fulghum and Rep. Tom Murry, also of Wake, as well as comments from House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate Leader Phil Berger. The focal point of the story is that state legislatures across the country are seeing high numbers of new legislators. That is certainly the case here.

The current crop of leaders, including Speaker Thom Tillis, believes that what the newcomers bring to the body in terms of new ideas and freedom from the status quo outweighs any negatives that might be associated with lack of experience. They may not yet have mastered the art of presenting a bill to committee, Tillis says, but with their MBAs or experience handling complicated cases as attorneys or their work in local government, they’ll catch on just fine. “I’ve learned that I can’t do complicated things without listening and studying first,” Fulghum says. “You can’t go into an operating room without making a plan.”

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You Can Thank Obamacare: 300 Employees See Hours Cut

Here’s another example of the economic misery we have to look forward to as Obamacare kicks in and business owners and managers are forced to decide how to stay afloat. Just. Plain. Sad. And it’s only the beginning.


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