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Surprise Coming In First Paycheck Of 2013

JLF’s John Hood assesses the fiscal-cliff deal in this column, and he points out the surprise that’s coming soon for many Americans. Well, it’s a surprise only if you believed the president’s rhetoric.

The final deal allowed the payroll tax to go up two percentage points on everyone, which is why workers across America are about to get their first paychecks of 2013, see a higher tax bite, and hit the roof, given how often they were told that only “the wealthy” would see higher taxes if President Obama and Congress got their way.

I have already seen the “hit the roof” moment from a person who lashed out at me because I pointed out that 2013 paychecks will contain less money than before, even though his salary has not been cut. He is still convinced that only the Big Bad Rich will see a bigger tax bill — they don’t deserve their money, after all — because that’s what the president said.

Uh, no.


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Wake School Board Members Whine About Accountability

It’s just not fair! That is the mantra coming from the Democratic majority of the Wake County school board now that the Republican-led General Assembly is requiring a letter grade be assigned to schools to give parents and taxpayers a way to assess the progress the school is making toward educating kids. Here’s the reaction to the Wake board’s whining from Amy Auth of Sen. Phil Berger’s office.

“It is not surprising that the Wake County school board is once again shirking their responsibility – this time on being held accountable for educating their students,” Auth said. “Their statements make it clear they lack the courage needed to improve literacy, increase transparency and accountability, and achieve better results in the classroom.”

Board member Susan Evans – whose past behavior makes her the school board member to watch — offered this plan:

“We’ve got to really work to tell parents that this composite score doesn’t really tell them a lot,” said board member Susan Evans, a Democrat.

If you want to know the mindset that dominates the Wake school board, read the entire News & Observer story. It’s a keeper.
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How Regulations Hurt Mom And Pop

Do you know someone who has tried to operate an in-home beauty salon and is frustrated by the web of regulations required by the state in order to earn a living? If so, have them contact the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law, led by Jeannette Doran. NCICL, which is known for its legal work on constitutional issues, is looking into how regulations impact folks who don’t have much of a voice in the policy arena. From the NCICL newsletter:
NCICL is examining potential constitutional challenges to some of the regulations governing in-home beauty salons. If you operate or plan to operate an in-home salon, please contact us.
We are also monitoring the proliferation of excessive and unlawful fees. If you have been the subject of such a fee, please call us.
You can find out more about NCICL here.
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