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This one’s for the ‘it would never happen here’ crowd

During recent legislative debates about limiting North Carolina governments’ use of the eminent domain power, opponents contended that this state’s cities and towns never would use the power in a questionable way.

Enter The Daily Tar Heel to disabuse you of that notion. Leave it to Carrboro to test the bounds of government’s limitations.

In a Dec. 17 email to the board, former Alderman Dan Coleman asked if the town could take over Collins Crossing under the eminent domain provision of the Constitution.

His proposal — which has yet to be legally vetted — met support from Aldermen Sammy Slade, Michelle Johnson and Lydia Lavelle.

The eminent domain clause allows governments to take over private property without owner consent. The clause has historically been invoked to take over property for the construction of projects like highways and railroads.

But Coleman argued that per the Kelo decision — a 2005 Supreme Court decision which upheld the use of eminent domain to transfer ownership of private property in the interest of furthering economic development — Carrboro’s transaction might be legal.

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It’s All About The Money And The System

More crying about money from the bureaucrats at Wake County Schools. And now the like-minded Democrat-controlled school board is looking to keep even more money in its fund balance, rather than return the excess back over to county taxpayers. As usual, for the status-quo Big Education establishment, the key issue is the money and the system. Wake County Commissioner Tony Gurley is having none of the maneuvering to keep even more surplus cash.

Tedesco added that it will probably create more divisions with county commissioners.

It did with Commissioner Tony Gurley, who has argued that the school board doesn’t need a fund balance.

“It’s a dishonest action by the school board,” Gurley said of the policy change in an interview. “They’re being very dishonest with the taxpayers. It’s fraudulent advertising as far as I’m concerned.”

Gurley said the school board should explain to the public that it’s not required by law to have a fund balance. He charged that the school board is overbudgeting to get more money from the county.


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Why Not Ban Baseball Bats And Tire Irons, Too?

Say a prayer for this man who was savagely attacked outside a New York pizza parlor. Among his injuries – inflicted by thugs with a baseball bat and tire iron – is a fractured skull.

Since the president, vice president, and other government-knows-better-than-you-do Nanny-Staters believe that objects, not people, are responsible for violence, I’m just wondering why there shouldn’t be calls to ban bats and tire irons.

Don’t laugh. History shows that when you give government an inch of power, its enablers will push for a mile, as we are seeing right now.


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