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The Enlightened Left Shows Its Grace Yet Again

While Rep. Paul Ryan showed great dignity and character on the inauguration day for his opponent, the Enlightened Left showed the opposite, booing Ryan.




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The Stunning Reality Of Leftist Economic Policies

At sister blog The Locker Room, Roy Cordato posts an item that lays out the sad, sad reality of the failed economic policies we have endured for more than four years. And with Obamacare tax hikes on the way, do you really think much will change?

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Majority Of U.S. Adults Say Enforce Existing Gun Laws, Rather Than Create New Ones

From Rasmussen comes the latest survey data of U.S. adults on the issue of gun rights. The results are clearly at odds with the president and like-minded gun control advocates who believe objects, not people, are responsible for violent crime.

Most Americans feel it is more important for the government to enforce existing gun control laws than to create new ones. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 32% of American Adults believe creation of new gun control laws is more important. Fifty-seven percent (57%) think more emphasis should be put on stricter enforcement of existing gun control laws. Eleven percent (11%) are not sure.

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Dastardly Walmart At It Again

Someone ought to let the 99% know that Walmart is targeting the working man with yet another really rotten deed. After all, big corporations are what’s wrong with this world. They’ve got all the  money and they don’t deserve it. When will government do something about them?!

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer and the biggest private employer in the U.S. with 1.4 million workers here, said Tuesday that it is rolling out a three-part plan to help jumpstart the sluggish U.S. economy.

The plan includes hiring more than 100,000 veterans in the next five years, spending $50 billion to buy more American-made merchandise in the next 10 years and helping its part-time workers move into full-time positions.


Capitalism and the private sector — that’s what’s hurting the working man. Workers unite! We need more government! Another “shovel ready” stimulus — that’s the ticket!

“We’ve developed a national paralysis that’s driven by all of us waiting for someone else to do something,” Bill Simon, president and CEO of Wal-Mart’s U.S. business, said Tuesday at an annual retail industry convention in New York. “The beauty of the private sector is that we don’t have to win an election, convince Congress or pass a bill to do what we think is right. We can simply move forward, doing what we know is right.”

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You Don’t Need A Ph.D. To Answer These Questions

In Durham, the reassignment process, along with the recent avalanche of letters of intent to infuse the community with more public charter schools, has spurred a Herald-Sun editorial about the county’s public school system. I encourage you to read the entire piece, but here’s a taste:

How important is diversity?  Are traditional public schools in danger of losing some of the most vocal, supportive and influential members of the community as supporters as their children and their neighbors’ children depart for different educational options?

While some charter schools enroll low-income students who qualify for free or reduced lunch and need school-provided transportation to get to and from school, many charters do not. Are we at risk of creating a traditional public school district disproportionately burdened with educating the most challenging students? Does the surge in charter schools speak to parental concern over school quality and environment, or does it exacerbate poor performance and challenging environments in the traditional public schools? Or both?

Do we want to invest time, energy and taxpayer dollars in devising a transportation plan to better diversify Durham Public Schools at the risk of further alienating some families?

First, a few facts. Charter schools are public schools. They are tuition-free. Seats are assigned by random lottery. There are waiting lists for seats in charter schools. More and more parents are demanding choices.

Why? Because parents are seeking an education environment that best fits their child’s needs. Thankfully, the majority in the state legislature agrees and has lifted the cap on public charter schools so parents can begin to have more options. If the Herald-Sun really wants to delve into the issue of quality education that meets the needs of every Durham student, the editorial board should first stipulate that parent empowerment and innovation through competition is the key. The editorial board should heartily endorse school choice and encourage parents to push for more of them.

We love to say that every child is unique, but if we really want to help every unique child, we will give parents the tools to be effective and ensure they can choose a school that is the best fit for the child’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses. When we do that, we as a society have done our job.

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