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A new federal quota: people who speak poor English

The increasingly oppressive U.S. Justice Department under the leadership of Eric “What Black Panthers?” Holder is jumping down Marin County, California’s throat because it doesn’t have enough minorities.

Incredibly, one of the deficiencies found by the Justice Department jackboots is that there aren’t enough people in Marin County, home of Sen. Barbara “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Boxer, who are non-proficient in English. Yes! Incredible, but true:

Both Sonoma County to the north (6.6% black in 2009) and San Francisco County to the south (6.7%) are doing much better. Those counties are also doing far better than Marin in attracting people of Limited English Proficiency. According to this November 2010 “Assessment of Limited English Proficient Populations” in the Bay Area, only 7.5% of Marin’s population speaks English “less than very well,” compared to 10.5% in Sonoma County and 22.1% in San Francisco County.

Diversity fetishists and their enforcers in the federal government always bristle when their critics accuse them of enforcing quotas. Affirmative action, they say, is not about quotas, all the while pulling out their calculators to crunch numbers of minorities and other special classes of people.

It’s clear from the order listed in the above link that the feds want Marin County to meet all kinds of standards, and any thinking person would see that these are quotas. I just bet they never knew there was a poor-English-speaker quota, too. The bright spot is that no county in the Triangle is going to have trouble meeting that one.

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