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3 Weeks In, the Left Plays the Evil Republican Card

Thanks to Chris Fitzsimon of N.C. Policy Watch, I owe a friend a steak dinner. I bet it would take at least six weeks for the Left to pull out the evil Republican card. I was wrong. It came today as Fitzsimon — a guy I like but with whom I regularly disagree — wrote about the vision of what he terms “the new North Carolina on the horizon.” His characterization includes unsafe food, rotten water, discrimination against disabled grandma, and encounters with gun-toting Big Mac eaters.

Citizens will no longer be able to have confidence that their food is safe to eat and their water is safe to drink. Access to health care, higher education, and charter schools will be severely restricted or denied. Your disabled grandmother will face a new barrier when she tries to vote.

Your child can once again be denied insurance coverage if they have a preexisting condition and that tax credit to allow your small business to provide health care for your workers will disappear.

Businesses will be able to intercept your wages to keep predatory credit card companies happy. You may lose city services you recently gained and your local governments will no longer be able to ask your permission to raise more money to improve your child’s school.

Your tax money will pay to subsidize the private education of children in wealthy families and the man your son just bumped into at the McDonald’s may be carried a loaded handgun.

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  • Feb

    Who cares if it took 3 or 6 weeks. If it is true.

    Why are the GOP so adamant to repeal 1c on the sales tax (wow my $100 DVD player is a whole dollar cheaper – that will create jobs!) when some of the money will go to pay for a reduction in the corporation income tax. Surely that tax has more effect on job creation. And before anyone says cut both remember the state does require some income!! Otherwise police your own communities, fight your own fires, never borrow a book etc.

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