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Romney heckler a professinal leftist community organizer

Mitt Romney was heckled by a group of leftists today at the Iowa State Fair. Much of the media is playing the incident as if some random crowd of Iowans got angry at Romney’s responses to their questions. But they were anything but a random group of fairgoers. Give CBS News credit for at least identifying the main culprit as a “liberal”:

The questioner, who identified himself afterward as Joe Fagan of Des Moines, was one of a group of liberals who positioned themselves in front of the stage and interrupted Romney as he tried to answer questions.

Fagan is anything but just a liberal. He’s a professional agitator. It only took a 15-second Google search to find this:

He gave up being a priest in 1979 after falling in love with Lou Ann Burkle, who would become his wife. He says community organizing helped him find out who he was.

But he knows it’s not necessarily for everyone, remarking, “The world would be terrible if everybody was a community organizer!”

“It has to be in your DNA to a degree,” he says. “What organizers love is the experience of confronting power. The adrenaline flows.”

Remember those quotes when you watch the MSM coverage of this tonight that portrays Fagan as just some guy passing by in the audience, rather than the leftist plant that he was.

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