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The union goon national convention

The union-pandering Democratic Party holding its national convention in North Carolina is sort of like the National Pork Producers Council holding its annual meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. North Carolina, despite the image it likes to cultivate as the most “progressive” among the benighted Old Confederacy, is the least unionized of all 57 states.

In the Old North State, you’re more likely to find bedbugs than union bugs, and productions of Chekov rather than a dues check-off. It’s a proudly right-to-work state, meaning you can’t be forced to be part of a union. In some quarters that’s called freedom. But for most Democrats it’s simply capitalist oppression.

So, it would be unusual for the union-heavy Democratic National Convention not to run into some resistance as it readies to wow the world with the Unicorn Prince’s second inaugural speech among Styrofoam Greek columns, union made, of course. Kenny Colbert, president of the Employers Association, a human resources consulting group in Charlotte, explains:

“You’re looking at a city that has virtually no unions, so even if one contract is awarded and union labor is brought in from the outside it is going cause concern to area employers,” he said. “They will be extremely upset if outside union labor is brought in above local non-union labor.”

A number of local businesses already have claimed they were denied work because of their non-union status.

John Monteith, owner of Heritage Printing & Graphics in Charlotte, said that in a meeting with the convention’s host committee, he was told that they would not accept any proposals from firms that are not unionized, and he says the license agreement for directional signage stipulates union shops:

“I am an educated man that knows how to read plain and simple English,” Monteith said. “The contract they signed on my behalf signed away my right to work in my right-to-work state.”

All of this was predicted, of course. Many observers saw that the convention organizers probably would have to import union workers to fulfill their mandatory union quotas.

It makes one wonder why the DNC chose Charlotte over some union-heavy Rust Belt city. Some have said it was unions not being able to get their act together in places like Cleveland, St. Louis or Minneapolis. But others suspect it was because North Carolina is a key swing state that Obama needs desperately.

The way things are going, though, more Tar Heel votes will be lost than gained as thuggish tactics inevitably increase between now and the convention.

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