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Even At NC State, Faculty Views Are Very Liberal And Secular

The Technician reports on the Pack Poll survey of NC State students and faculty. It’s the last two paragraphs that are fascinating. The data shows — again — the liberal tilt of academia, even at NC State, an institution I’ve often heard described as  more moderate than a typical UNC System campus. And clearly, NC State faculty members are out of touch with their students.

The survey indicates that N.C. State students support the Bible, with 34 percent saying the Bible is the actual word of God. Forty-one percent think it is the inspired word of God, and 26 percent believe it is an “ancient book of fables.” 

The Pack Poll surveyed faculty members as well, and there were some notable differences, with 79 percent of the faculty in approval of the way Obama is handling his job in office (as opposed to 50 percent of students). Seventy-six percent of the faculty thinks the country is headed in the right direction (compared to 44 percent of students); only 18 percent support McCrory, as opposed to 68 percent supporting Dalton; and 57 percent think the Bible is an “ancient book of fables,” with only 5 percent saying the Bible is the actual word of God.

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    I know this isn’t really the point, but choosing between “the Bible is the actual word of God” and “the Bible is the inspired word of God,” is really, really tricky depending on what they mean. If offered as either/or, I might answer, “Yes…?” I think I understand the distinction they’re _trying_ to draw, I’m just not sure the prospective target group (Evangelicals?) would see the distinction as valid.

    Yeah, yeah, totally not the point, I know.

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