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Tea Party Conservative Renee Ellmers Cruises To Re-Election

Expect to see and hear more from Rep. Renee Ellmers as the U.S. House of Representatives fights the big-spending, government-centric policies of the president and U.S. Senate. She won her race handily, 56 to 41 percent. Conventional wisdom from the D.C.-centered chattering class says Tea Party conservatives like Ellmers are obstructionist. I say they are one of few brights spots in the  fight against the generational theft that is $16 trillion in debt — and rising. One of Rep. Ellmers’ first challenges will be the Farm Bill, a bloated, pork-laden piece of legislation. Earlier this year, my husband wrote about the Farm Bill, and the facts are stunning.

More than 80 percent of crop policies sold to farmers guarantee income, according to a complex U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) formula that – you guessed it – tends to favor larger, established farmers over smaller, newer growers.

With revenue insurance, a farmer can harvest a bumper crop, get a good price that leads to a tidy profit…and still receive an insurance check.

Such a sweet deal doesn’t come cheap. So, Big Ag convinced Congress to force you and me to help pay the premiums. It’s quite a chunk of cash.

In 2011, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) calculated that American taxpayers picked up 63 percent of crop insurance premiums for farmers. That totaled $7.4 billion. But the subsidy doesn’t stop there. We also kicked in another $1.3 billion to help insurance companies write these policies.

Farmers harvested a bumper crop of cash from this arrangement. Last year, claims hit an all time high of $11 billion. What a country!

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  • Nov

    I would hope she won her newly gerrymandered seat. I note several “tea party” members of congress lost their seats including Allen West. Michelle Bachmann also squeaked by with a 1% victory!

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