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How to know when a reporter has his nose out of joint

Picture 1News & Observer reporter John Frank has written a brief story on the N&O‘s website that could be the poster child for petulant, agenda-pushing, and angry journalism, or, pretty much all mainstream journalism today.

Pushed by the N&O‘s main constituency, angry, agenda-pushing, petulant lefties, Frank carried the fringe academic left’s water regarding gender studies at Gov. Pat McCrory’s press conference this morning. The headline, “McCrory won’t apologize, rejects he demeaned liberal arts,” tells you what’s coming:

Gov. Pat McCrory bristled Thursday when asked about his recent inflammatory comments regarding liberal arts courses in higher education.

Something you should know: whenever a reporter writes that someone “bristled,” usually it means it’s the reporter who is the one upset, not the interviewee.

Second, who says McCrory’s comments were “inflammatory”? Was it the infamous “some people” that journalists often paraphrase? Does getting a bunch of liberals’ panties in a bunch automatically make something inflammatory. YES, it does, at least for the mainstream media.

Conservatives can inflame themselves like Buddhist monks in a Saigon street in 1965 and the media will ignore them. But let a few tenured radicals bleat like gored sheep and the media is on the march.

Read the rest of the story for many more instances of bias fueled by a reporter’s having been dissed by a public official. It would be hilarious were it not so embarrassing.

But there’s more. So intent was the N&O on pushing this agenda fueled by fake outrage, they missed the actual news that came from the press conference. You can read it at the John Locke Foundation’s Locker Room blog.

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