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Charlies Gibson has destroyed his reputation

I guess the urge to destroy Sarah Palin and make himself a hero among his MSM friends was just too much for Charlie Gibson. To the general public watching his interviews with Palin, the worst you might say about his performance was that he was condescending, grumpy and sort of a jerk.

It’s only when you compare his interview with Barack Obama, and especially his interview with a truly unqualified John Edwards in 2004, in which the toughest question was whether he thought the Republicans were being too tough on him, you see the depth of Gibson’s bias.

But radio host Mark Levin has posted the clincher on his Web site: the transcript of the Gibson-Palin interview with the parts that were edited out marked in bold. It’s quite illuminating. If Palin had an expanded explanation that seemed thoughtful, it was cut. Read especially her answer on Russia. This was edited in a way to make it seem she wanted to start World War III.

Check out the three interviews for yourself. Only the most deluded liberal (or an MSM journalist) could come away feeling Gibson acted even-handedly.

MORE: Lorie Byrd is disappointed that Gibson didn’t apologize to Palin and ABC’s viewers for misrepresenting Palin’s “task from God” quote. Disappointed, maybe, but not surprised:

For all the fact checking Gibson and ABC did of Palin (probably more than they have done of Obama the past two years), he didn’t think to check his own facts and then when he realized they were wrong, did nothing to correct the information for his viewers. No wonder people trust used car salesmen more than journalists these days.

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