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MSM: Bill Ayers? Who’s Bill Ayers?

Bob Owens points out the mainstream media malfeasance on Barack Obama’s connections to mad bomber Bill Ayers, who jump-started Obama’s political career:

Any plausible link between a Republican presidential candidate and someone like Eric Robert Rudolph or Timothy McViegh would unleash a torrent of feverish reporting from the mainstream media, detailing every nuance and every possible shadowy link between them.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press spends thousands of dollars to discover that someone once gave flowers to Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee.

UPDATE: Here’s more on the mainstream media’s priorities during this election:

If a candidate’s family is not being arrested or not out on the campaign trail inviting news coverage as McCain’s 96-year-old mother, Roberta, does, why don’t we just leave them alone?

The way the U.S. media has so conscientiously managed to deny itself virtually any inquisitions of Barack Obama’s poor half-brother in Africa and his half-sister in Hawaii and Joe Biden’s mother and Michelle’s family.

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