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NOW they tell us, continued

Now that their guy has locked up the White House, lefties have started telling the truth:

Would America have elected Barack Obama if white Americans had not gotten accustomed to seeing (in succession) two African-American Secretaries of State? I don’t think so. Before Bush, African-Americans were appointed to some good posts but not to our #1 foreign policy job. Two African Americans (one with a pretty odd first name) served as America’s face to the world. That eased Obama’s way. It is not Tiger Woods in whose footsteps Obama is walking — it’s Rice and Powell.

Oh, and all that “Bush is a racist” stuff for the last eight years? No hard feelings, right? Political combat and all. You understand.

UPDATE: VDH thinks he knows why libs and lefties are now urging people to “unite” behind President Bush:

When I hear a partisan insider like Paul Begala urging at the 11th hour that we now rally around lame-duck Bush in his last few days, I detect a sense of apprehension that no Democrats would wish conservatives to treat Obama as they did Bush for eight years.

2 Responses to “NOW they tell us, continued”

  • Nov

    Payback is, as they say, a bitch. I look forward to skewering Democrats and liberals every chance I get, every time they make a mistake or every time they do something that’s even slightly reminiscent of what President Bush ever did.

    If you thought I was mean before, when Bush was running the show, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • Nov

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