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Every incumbent needs to watch this

All 535 members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, need to watch this video. The Tea Party movement is not just about Obama, as the media wants you to think. It’s not about being upset that a Democrat won or that a black Democrat won. It’s about the rampant corruption and lack of principle that our national leaders have shown over the past 25 years. If someone can watch this and not understand that a “throw the rascals out” mentality has taken hold, then they don’t understand America.

Keep in mind, this guy is a once-popular Republican desperately trying to explain that he’s a conservative, despite his support of TARP and all the bailouts. Too late, congressmen. I think you know your days are numbered.

UPDATE: Another example of the fading power of incumbency. People just aren’t impressed anymore:

The highlight of the event in Birmingham was Beth Chapman, our Secretary of State.

Unbeknowst to most people, she showed up unannounced at the back of the stage and demanded to speak. Apparently she wasn’t there when I announced that no elected officials would be speaking and that at this rally politicians would listen to we the people.

As a matter of fact, she wasn’t there when the Rainy Day Patriots (25 in number) stood on 280 in the middle of a tornado warning with their protest signs. She wasn’t there during our organizational meetings. She wasn’t there during setup of the event. And she certainly wasn’t there during cleanup.

Needless to say, she wasn’t a very happy camper when she was told “NO”. I guess politicians are not used to being told no because she lingered for another 30 minutes quibling for a speaking spot.

It was a great day in Alabama when a group of citizens can grow their numbers from 25 to 7000 in a couple of weeks and tell our politicians “NO!”

4 Responses to “Every incumbent needs to watch this”

  • Apr

    They’re booing him and jeering him and telling him to go home and he’s saying “Thank you, thank you” as if the crowd was actually on his side.

    What a moron.

  • Apr

    Who’s gonna run against:

    Bobby Ethridge
    David Price
    Mal Watt
    G.K. Butterfield

    Next year’s elections will be the most critical in the history of our Republic. The Republicans have no bench. It’s gotta be a third party movement.

    I’m afraid it’s over.

  • Apr

    Well, it doesn’t really matter who runs against Mel Watt: His district was specifically gerrymandered to elect a black (read: black Democrat) candidate. (I happen to live in his district, so I am more upset about this than you are. I just love being disenfranchised every two years because of where I live.)

  • Apr

    Thank God they gerrymandered us back out to give larry Kissling a better chance to defeat Robin hayes. I think Kissling is very beatable. Specially since Obama wont be on the ballot and Nick Mackey will not have any opposition

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