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It couldn’t happen to a nicer rag

Editor & Publisher is closing down. It thrived for nearly 99 years, but it took current editor Greg Mitchell only eight years to run it into the ground with his lefty agenda pushing:

The journalism trade journal Editor & Publisher is shutting down after 108 years of publication.

Editor & Publisher is being closed as its parent company, the Nielsen Co., sells several of its other business publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard.

For most of my journalism career I found E&P a must-read publication. But soon after Mitchell took the helm in 2002 it became clear that his new direction for the magazine was hard left. I, and many others, just quit reading it.

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    Because I wasn’t a j-school grad, in the 90s I looked to E&P as a sort of pub for DIYers, not unlike the Popular Mechanics and Popular Electronics my grandfather took for years. It told you the basic whys and hows, tossing in the odd situation or the stumper, along with the latest trends in the field. It was a craft publication then. With Mitchell it become a movement pub and all common touch — along with common sense — was lost……

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    When I worked in public relations for The Arizona Republic, E&P was required reading for most newspaper employees. And it was worth it back then. It was meaty. But, as it degenerated into political rhetoric, it became clear to me that journalism was dying and I stopped reading it.

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