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Hey, y’all, watch this!

“Hey, y’all, watch this!” is the punch line to the joke, “What are a redneck’s last words?” Even rednecks think this is funny, not being a part of the sensitivity and victimization movement. Plus, most of them have buddies who have said exactly that before taking an ATV off a barn roof or something.

Well, somebody needs to come up with a similar joke about yuppies. We’ve all heard of the phenomenon referred to as “yuppie 911,” in which people engaged in typical yuppie-granola sports like hiking or climbing, get in trouble and require thousands in taxpayer dollars to rescue them.

Well, it’s happened again. Some climber stupidly ventured out onto a cornice, a bit of windblown, packed snow hanging about five feet over the rim of the Mount St. Helens crater in Washington state. The cornice broke off and the man fell 500 feet into the crater. Latest reports are that he is still alive.

We hope he can be rescued, regardless of the thousands of dollars it will cost. But next time, just do something stupid in your own backyard like rednecks do. It’s much easier to rescue you there.

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    Seems to me like all national parks should have the following item in their list of rules: “You’re welcome to go anywhere in the park that’s not marked out of bounds. But if your ass gets lost, stuck halfway up a cliff, etc., you will be billed for the cost of rescuing you. Think, McFly.”

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