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W-S Journal needs a reality check

Somehow I got on the Winston-Salem Journal’s email list a couple of years ago. Usually I just delete them since they’re usually just advertisements. But this morning I got this one:

Gee, I wonder where they got the idea for that question?

Note the assumption: That the Tea Party movement is so rife with racists that this question is worthy of an online poll. This is straight from the Left and the NAACP’s talking points. That the accusation us built on demagoguery and no substance, matters little to those hurling it.

Anyone who has been paying attention, and that apparently doesn’t include the Journal‘s editors, knows that the most egregious examples of racism are coming from other quarters in America these days, namely the Left, NAACP, President Obama’s Justice Department, Obama’s Chicago church, and the New Black Panther Party. Even the NAACP can’t find convincing examples of racism among Tea Partiers.

UPDATE: The Winston-Salem Journal is not the only paper playing footsie with those who a) want to demonize the Tea Party movement, and b) want to cover up the Obama administration’s political interference into the New Black Panther Party voter-intimidation case.

UPDATE 2: The NAACP is claiming the Tea Party is rife with racists and unreconstructed supporters of the Confederates States of America, but maybe they should look inside their own organization for racism. Here’s a black Georgia agriculture official bragging to a meeting of the NAACP how she discriminated against a white farmer based on his skin color. (Link via HotAir.com)

Did the use of the words “his own kind” make your skin crawl like it did mine? And we thought that kind of thinking had died in America.

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